A Story.

The world was a blur. The wind caressed her face and delivered the scent of fresh happiness. It smelt a little of simple chamomile and peony petals.

And being contented with that, she decided to wake up from her dream, but the decision was not hers to make. So her journey began.

In the field of her favorite flowers, there was a faceless couple. Whether they did not utter a single word, orΒ whether she was deaf, she could not tell.

Nevertheless they were odd.

At times they threw flowers and petals at each other,

at times they hurled dirt;

at times they grabbed to hurt one another,

at times they gently touched the other.

She approached them as they planted a single red peony and raised her finger in question. And the answers were given to her:”WE ARE BOTH LOVE AND HATE, AND YOU SHALL NEVER SET US APART”.

Never intending to do so, she continued by jumping off the cliff, not to fly, but to wake up. But again, it was not her decision to make, and her journey resumed.

So she landed sitting gently on a chair in a room half brightly lit, and the other in a dark disarray. Before her there were three snakes. The first was mottled in bright but sickly colors, the second was albino while the last was black with eyes of cold blue diamonds.


they slithered after each other’s tails.

While staring at its eyes of blue diamonds,

She hardly noticed that the third had slowly consumed the first

and then the second,

and it coiled itself around her.

It felt cold.

It felt scaly.

It felt amorous.

Then and there she knew, that she should fear but she was calm.

Then and there she knew, after Sickness, Senescence, Death must come to all.

And with it’s eyes of cold blue diamonds, it asked a question:”DO YOU FEAR ME”.

She thought to herself, Death was not to be feared, but to be accepted. So she closed her eyes waiting for Death, but the sensation was gone and once again she was alone, but not awake.

So her journey continued, as she opened her eyes to a sea of familiar faces.

To say that she knew exactly who they were, would have been a lie. But she had seen them somewhere, and curiosity urged her to drink in their features.

But one by one,

they vanished.

In their disappearance,

in her desperation,

She turned around to find

a man of fine features

in the midst of song and dance.

Was she afraid of his presence or absence? And she decided that she had enough, but it wasn’t her decision to make, as he pulled her back and spun her round a few times. She didn’t know what she felt as they whirled and moved gently, stopped abruptly then moved in an inconsistent fury.

Wrenching away from his firm grasp, she looked at him with eyebrows raised, and he gave his answer:”HAVE YOU ENJOYED MY PRESENCE? I AM CONFUSION”. As he breathed into her lips as his warm hands pierced through her chest, her world was filled with a cacophony of music pierced by his sonorous laughter.

Then a bell fell at her feet, and with a single silver note a darkness engulfed her.

It was the night, with the stars and its serenity. She touched the cold grass, and all of a sudden she ran with the wind, the wind that brought her happiness. And it whispered in plea:


She promised with a burst of laughter,

and summoned the dawn,

as she woke up one day, and proceeded to yawn.


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