2016, you were good to me!! (:

As today is the last day of the year, I just wanted to share the (not so) few and significant highlights of my year! This doesn’t include saving the elephant or giraffe population or stop global warming, but I hope I successfully share some of my joy with you!

First of all thanks to all you viewers, I had the guts to post a 100 blog post about all sorts of things!

That being said, After the first week of next year, I’ll close my blog for some renovation and some bigger project!

So without further ado, here’s some of the really really really AWESOME things 2016 has given to me!

  1. In 2016, I went on a trip with my friends for the first time!!!


  2. Then this was also the year that my eldest sister got married!!!


  3. Then idk howwww but I got involved in this super duper sports house in Monash *whispers: Leviaaa than than than thaaaaan* our color is obviously the color blue.
    it was also the first time I played futsal :>

    oh…also, it was the first time we ordered 30 boxes of pizza. and now I’ll die with no regrets because I know what a car with 30 boxes of pizza smells like.. (Domino’s please make a car fragrance thx)


  4. Then as if that wasn’t enough, I got involved with the Musa elections under Team Genesis! And made so many friends that I never thought I’d make.


  5. And it was also the year where I watched my first Ghost movie (Conjuring 2) with these bunch ofย friends who’ve been persuading me to do so ever since the trailer for conjuring 2 came out. And I must say…ghost movies aren’t really that scary but they’re extremely stressful to watch.
  6. It was also the first time I took myself seriously and looked after myself (also because puberty decided to give it another shot of ruining my face) so I constantly worked out (loss 4kgs) looked after my face and slept early (no pimples now but the scars make me cry) and for the first time, went for hair treatment (cause….fancyyyy )
  7. 2016 was also the year where I started taking film seriously (though progress is really slow) and went for a sound masterclass course.

  8. 2016 was the year where I had to part with or drifted further from so many old friends.
  9. 2016 is the year I’ve given and received some of the most beautiful gifts, sentimental gifts and heart-warming gifts.

  10. And 2016 was the year where I took some of the best Food Pics in my life. Some were taken by my friends :3

    who knows what 2017 will bring! But I know I’ll do my best to top 2016! It has been one of the most exciting and busy year of my life that I’ll never regret! And most of all, Thank you to all of you who made all of this happen for me this year!! I truly appreciate it. Happy New Year everyone!



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