Wild Sheep Chase (Nice laa)

So it came, the fateful day where i had to take a crazy lady out. There was no thyme to lose, we couldn’t waste a good stomach space…

And since we loves desserts we went to Wild Sheep Chase where food, mood and everything good coexisted in harmony.

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It’s near Scott Garden Mall.

6-1, Jalan 1/109E, Off Old Klang Road, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa. Kuala Lumpur

uhuh. Since I’m basically a floral-lover, we went here as i was expecting a huge bouquet to surprise me. But I supposed we were really early, because the cafe was really empty. :/
Oh well, away with that disappointment~ and so we ordered 4 dishes of desserts…cause…I mean..desserts bruh. lmao.

And I really wanted to keep this epic episode in my memory, so naturally I borrowed my friend’s iPhone and lustfully snapped the plates before the ice cream melted. You’re welcomed.

and then YUS, they finally brought out the shy flowers!! What else but to snap beautiful things with beautiful things. ❤

She then attempted to take a pic of me…which uhh…well.

can you see how done I am in the second pic…like “omg, i need to keep my pic composition expectations low for this one”

In total, the whole meal.. (that wholly consisted of desserts) costed us RM80. But thanks to our sweet tooth and curvy asses, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT haha.

Here’s a close-up:

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    This they called the Devil’s dream or some fancy name. Vanilla Ice cream on top of crunchy corn flakes, with lava cake and I suspect- orange sauce. As I said, the place was nearly empty when we came in, so they had a lot of time to handle our plates with care, Hence..it was a sweet-tooth’s euphoria.
  2. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
    Like the lava-cake above, but this looked greener. The matcha tasted genuine and unmistakable. The slight bitter after-taste was welcoming to balance this diabetic-inducing awesomeness. As you can see, the top shot for this one was a lot better cause the orange sauce was dripped with more care.
  3. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
    My non-existent OCD kicked-in for this shot. Was trying so hard to imitate the symmetry breakfast style.
    -Both vanilla souffles. One with coconut sorbet and osmanthus maple syrup; the other with orange syrup and grapefruit sorbet- which was a much better match than the coconut+osmanthus combo.
    -Coconut was really really heavy, and in my opinion, wouldn’t have matched any of the syrup. But the coconut sorbet was excellent on its own…only don’t eat it in between souffle bites.
  4. Processed with VSCO
    And of course since there were no flowers, we had to make do with the wee pot of greenery that they had….the up-side of having no people, is having no shame. Fun-sized me had to stand on a chair for this delicious shot. Still, much to my regret, it wasn’t really straight. Alas, no shot is perfect, only beautiful.

And when the flowers came, it was too late, we’ve already finished the yummy pieces of egg heaven. (you really need to take your time, it’s really filling, and sickening if you go too fast..eat under adult supervision…so that the adults can have a share too 😂 )

But you can never let a beautiful flower go to waste. Hence, pictures were taken.
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And then we left with light hearts and heavy stomachs. ❤

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