Why your maid might run away too.

Last Saturday morning my dad had a queasy feeling. We went out for breakfast anyway. This was a few days after we got the new maid who started off real gungho…then she scorched my grandfather’s table.

With promises that she would pay it off, all seemed well I suppose. Then on Thursday she picked up the phone immediately when my dad called. Something was fishy. She apparently called the Cambodian embassy.

All suspicion disappeared when the people from the agency came to talk things through on Friday. When asked, she admitted that she called her mother as well.

On Saturday morning, after our breakfast, we came back an hour later…to find that our maid was gone yet again. After spending the whole morning combing through our neighborhood, we deduced that she must have gotten into a car.

But a few things seemed strange:

  1. She took nothing of ours.
  2. She was not suppose to have money when she came.

I can be absolutely confident that she didn’t take any money, because the cash we placed in the maids drawer (to buy bread etc.) was still there. She even switched off the fire for the dog’s rice before she left.

And as usual we had a discussion on Sunday morning during breakfast to dissect the situation.

  • How could she run away?
  • Where could she have gone?
  • How can we prevent this?

In the end we came up with a speculative conclusion ( no evidence could be found, but the theory seems to hold)

She must have gotten into a car, because no one could go anywhere far in 45 minutes just by walking.

The agency either did not check her belonging properly for cash, or the person whom she got into the car with was a familiar person who wouldn’t need to accept cash on the spot.

That hot Saturday morning, she was wearing a long sleeved, thick sweater and long pair of jeans. Whereas she would just wear t shirt and shorts on other days.

And just recently, an acquaintance’s Cambodian maid ran away as well. Coincidence? I think not. The rumor implies that these maids are being ferried to Cameron Highlands with the promise of familiar farm work and wonderful pay.

Why would this happen? That’s anybody’s guess. The domestic helper industry might be taking a bad turn. The owners might be looking for some other ways to earn money. There might be an ongoing agreement between the maids and a third party, unknown to the bosses.

Or we were just too unlucky, twice.

Either way. It seems like these cambodian maids run away promptly after using any phone. The maid prior to this one lent my mother’s phone under the pretext that she was contacting her child. (Later on, when the agency contacted the same number, it didn’t sound like a child to anyone)

This maid decided to run after giving our family a RM2000+ phone bill to various numbers.

The moral of this story?

  • Be careful when hiring Cambodian maids.
  • If you do hire any maid at all, DO NOT leave your phones lying around.
  • As a matter of fact, don’t leave anything lying around.
  • Learn to cook fast.

So that is also the reason why, I’ve not been blogging for the past few days.



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