Movie Review: Suicide Squad.

Rated 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, 6.9/10 on IMDb, and 40% Metacritic, this movie is still bomb for me.

  • visuals (especially color theme) is amazing
  • the soundtrack = great
  • Margot Robie and Floyd’s dialogues = super witty.

What not to expect out of this movie

  • Twisted story plot (this is not your Inception story plot)
  • Greatest fight scenes of your life (you’ve seen enough in Marvel movies anyway)
  • twisted, shocking and dark Heath Ledger moments
  • Slipknot surviving more than 10 minutes.


Somehow this movie was more of a subtle feminism movement. They’ve managed to  make women into the protagonist, antagonist, sub-characters.

I’ve got a feeling the ones who aren’t really comfortable with this movie are guys who were loyal to the Batman-DC package. Where they use the darkest cinematic filters and there’s a lot of rain and fight scenes with savagery and of course…the Batmobileeee.

Yeah, I wanted the batmobile to have more air time as well….at least more than Floyd’s bullets falling on the ground or Enchantress shaking her ass in front of shiny lights.

And that’s about it. If you’re looking for a movie with intricate fight scenes and loads of stunt doubles…this is not it man. It only feels like their fighting when Floyd starts shooting and the sound engineers did a good job of distributing the lfe’s and the subwoofers.

However, if you’re looking for a movie with an introduction to how the producer wants you to look at these new characters, witty lines, 2 different romance plots, pretty colors, Katana shouting cool Japanese lines, the whole world blowing up (as usual), awesome soundtrack, and surprising amount of Batman (considering that he wasn’t really advertised in the trailers). Then yeah…this is your jam..bread and butter.

Cheers! ✌out!

SPOILER ALERT* (only highlight after you’ve watched it.)

They’ve also made the guys look real sad. Rick got blinded by love, Floyd got caught because of love, Boomerang got jailed with nothing in his cell, Killer Croc at least got what he wanted..totally fine with a screen full of booties..

The most righteous and powerful man El Diablo dies while sacrificing himself. Which like….omg, NO HE DID NOT GET ENOUGH SCREEN TIME.

But who’s the one that gets the most luxurious espresso machine, book and puddin-> Harley.

Amanda Waller is not dead… (i was actually hoping..but they need to keep the badassery alive for the next few i guess she’s not going anywhere)

Without Amanda, the whole group of congress guys look like dumb bunch of white boys who can’t handle anything. 

Katana’s husband dies by her sword. She cries, but other than that, she’s fine, cool and a total win.

The only guy who was portrayed as someone who got exactly what he wanted without submitting to anyone and surviving everything, was Joker. So our knight in shining armor is a psychopath. yay. 😀


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