5 ways to CONTINUE a conversation.

Hola people! There’s a serious problem of people not knowing how to KNOW people. Nowadays we add each other on Facebook and Snapchat before we get to know that they actually don’t look like the babe with great butt game on their profile. So here’s a few things to start your conversation with (after you say hi or simply just run out of things to say.)

1. You look great/ so stylish/ *whatever their wearing* is really nice!

This has to be sincere. If you don’t like how they look skip to number 2. It could come in various forms like :”Where did you buy those jeans?” This starter might sound shallow, but no one goes around saying :”Hey what’s your purpose in life?”.

2. Have you had (insert meal)? What did you have?

Food is something everyone has experienced before (unless you’re talking to a 5 minute-old infant). And since everyone has had it before, there’s much conversation to be spawned from such an awesome topic.

  • What do you think of vegetarians?
  • What food do you like? Why?
  • Have you ever tried ___? Why not?
  • Do you know how to cook?
  • Have you watched (insert cooking show that you watch)?

And the list is endless. So if you become best foodie friends, you’re welcomed. But we have to get to number 3 here.

3. You look so happy/ bored/ sad/ angry/ tired/ hungry/ any other emotion what happened?

So this is a bit deep and tricky, especially when you’ve just met, because not many people are honest about this (and they are really not obliged to be unless you sincerely care..even then it depends).. BUT it establishes really close ties and get to know what’s bothering them, what kind of person they are, what they value and what they detest.

4. So what made you join this activity/ course/ event/ talk etc.?

If you’re in a place which has a lot of like-minded people, this is a good way to start a deep conversation. Conversations are the longest and the best when people share their dreams and goals in life.

5. Hey, didn’t I see you on insert event , you should have come/ why didn’t you come?

This usually leads to a conversation about personal life, if it doesn’t, it’ll usually be a short and brisk conversation like :”Oh I was busy/ Oh I had another function” In which case, (if you’re really dying to talk to this person) you can ask about that other event/ why they didn’t come and stuff.


Good conversations mostly start with sincere concern and curiosity for the other person, otherwise why on earth would you want to start a conversation anyway?? Even if it’s just to pass time, you should still have a good pick of people you want to talk to. Otherwise you’d end up with people that you’ll regret hanging out with. Then you’ll hate people and I personally think we have enough of that already haha.



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