You’ve read these 5 articles before.

As an avid Facebook scroll-er, I can safely say that I’ve seen trends of articles that come round once in a while in some sort of pattern. So here they are:

  1. The “Why you need her” or “Why she doesn’t need you” post.
    It usually comes with a picture of a girl with very good body. The title would be something like “Why I love being alone at the age of 21” or “20 things you should be doing instead of looking for The One”.

    The content would be filled with things that a normal human being could be doing anyway, with or without a hot partner. E.g.: Read your favorite novel at your own time/ Watch movies that reconnect with your emotions within/ Learn a new language/ Eat your favorite food without an hour of polite indecisiveness.

    Honestly, they should call it something like “Yo, just do what’s good for you”

  2. The “(insert random number) things successful people do”

    it usually comes with a picture of a man surrounded by absurdly expensive objects. To tell you that success is achieved when all these items have been obtained. Titles like “5 things these billionaires won’t tell you” or “3 things you can do everyday to be a successful person” promise the most magical (and similar) advice.

    Why are these posts popular? Because somehow successful people have these secrets that will give you whatever you want. Even though every post says the same old thing (have goals or sumthn/ never give up/ have a plan/ wake up early/ care about those around them) They’ve missed a very important point -> You actually have to get off the internet and DO all these things. *mindblown*

  3. The ” (insert random object) is all the craze now”

    Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
    It is good tho.

    From Pokemon Go, to objects like Yeezy Boost and Tokyo Secret’s cheese tart. We still have the cheese tart fever. Pretty soon 1Utama will be called 1KEJUtama. It isn’t the first trendy frenzy, it won’t be the last either.

    Basically-> Is it edible? You’ve gotta eat it. Is it an object? You’ve gotta buy it. Is it an activity? You’ve gotta try it. Is it a place? You’ve gotta go there. Why? You just gotta.

  4. Β The “Couples did this for each other” post.

    Usually this post comes with pictures where man and woman are having the time of their lives with an additional object to complete the picture.

    This is the other end of #1, where you’ll hear of husbands/ boyfriends/ wives/ girlfriends who did the most touching/ absurd/ cutesy thing EVER. It’s so cute, it puts couple shirts and flowers to shame. Watching movies and walking under the moonlight sounds too generic compared to these posts. Step it up a notch and save her life before popping a diamond ring. (Don’t forget to film it too).

  5. Post about random things.

    Art stuff, drawings, news, personal life, skincare products, poems….anything random can come out of these an article about articles…but mostly food. (as I’ve just noticed)

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