Day 16/50: Coriolis effect

While the water drained from the sink, my dad took the opportunity to explain Coriolis effect.

It is basically the theory that water spins clockwise in the Northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the Southern hemisphere. Since we’re located on the equator, this theory was a bit fuzzy in our house.

So what is Coriolis effect?

If you threw a magical tennis ball from Greenland to Australia, the earth would spin eastward faster than the ball. So from where you’re standing, the ball looks like it’s travelling westward.

How does this relate to the direction of spinning vortex of the water in your sink?

Well…some people say it doesn’t. Because there are a lot of other factors which may affect the direction of the spin: Shape of sink bowl, direction of where the water came from etc.

But Coriolis effect certainly exist.

It is what causes cyclones to spin clockwise in the Northern hemisphere and vice versa. The existing air movements are affected by the mass of air moving with the rotation of the earth. and stuff.

And before that, we had Iraqi takeaway food and Tokyo secret cheese tart! I’ve been wanting to try it ever since they opened in 1Utama, but I’ve never managed to get one. So my dear dear deeear sister bought one for me. (Dearer now, with the cheese tart :3 )

2016-07-21 10.35.52 1.jpg

Why did we have to get takeaway? Because I was afraid I wouldn’t come back in time to cook. Why? Because I went for the 2nd day of the Sound on Film session in Maveriq Studio.

2016-07-21 10.37.09 1.jpg

We spent another hour on the sound effects of a tumbling car, petrol leaking and explosions. That was fun.

Then we went on to the background music part. Which was fun too, cause we get to listen to all these tracks which really aren’t suppose to mean anything, they just make you feel stuff ya know?

Then I got some nice shots of the place. FINALLY a good AOTD to show for.

2016-07-21 10.37.03 1.jpg
This place wants a depressed kid at that corner.
2016-07-21 10.36.57 2.jpg
All will be but a beauty if you just seek the window to the world.

and then when that was over we were given a box of sandwiches to nibble on…(Chomp. in my case 😀 )

Processed with VSCO
Where I spent good time and no money these few days, thanks to my lecturer!

Then after the sound editing session, I dropped by Monash to get my hands on text books to preview next week’s lesson. (we’re trying to get back our scholarship here, hence the stunning effort) I was also craving for hazelnut latte at the Mad Alchemy, cause they make it real good, and extra hot, just as I always request. But I couldn’t sit at my favorite spot cause I was wearing a skirt…and that seat can get a bit windy so….

I’m not a coffee addict nor a coffee lover. Hence, I think the small amount of caffeine must have had an intense effect on my body, cause I suddenly felt the urge to do FitnessBlender’s 94 minute Insane No Equipment workout.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
What do you call potato sweat? Vodka…it must be vodka.

How intense was the workout? I nearly slipped and fell on my own sweat. True great shit.

Cheers! ✌out!


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