Day 14/50: A lil throwback.

Just a short note on the highlights of yesterday, our beer pong booth was dead, cause most of the people were in the auditoriums listening or talking. When they did come out though, it was only for the food. Food….was not meant for us. das sad. But oh well….that meant that I had the dart booth all to myself.

I went on a darting pro frenzy until I had to blow the same amount of balloons back for the next batch. I admit that popping them was a more painful process after that.

Then we talked among friends of music, Game of Thrones and its various shocks in the second book, and orientation bash.

Come 2.30, it was time for me to go. I said so. Right before that my friend quickly excused himself and left. While I turned around to get my bag from the floor, this cute stuff exploded in my face.



And that just made me turn around to stare at my friends with wide eyes for 10 seconds. I basically made them panic (over a luggage tag) for a bit before explaining to them what actually happened.

Honestly I’m still shocked. But hey, that’s the 6th totoro I have now. 😂😂

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
2 more plushies on my bed.



And honestly, even if I did….I’m not sure if I’ll miss its contents or the tag. 😛

My priorities are a fuzz.


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