15/50: Audio Adventures.

“I’ll drop you off at the mamak stall, then you’ll have to walk there by yourself later.”


So that was the official start of my day. Dad sent me to Maveriq Studio for some sessions on sound engineering but it was too early, so I waited it out with a cup of limau kosong panasΒ at the nearest mamak stall. My lucky stars must have been shining the night before cause the place was air-conditioned.

Come 8.45am, I paid for my drink and started my journey to the studio. The cleaning lady directed me to the living room and there’s where I met Corrine (I don’t know how it’s spelled, I’ll find out tomorrow)

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


She does the post-production sound effects and everything audio, except the music. I love her specs so much, but we an shy shy so no confess confess here.

Then we waited till 10 something in the am before getting down to business.

By business I mean talking about sound stuff, which was extremely interesting cause everything was so new to me. We talked about how the dialogue gets cleaned up, adf, the various funny problems one can run into when doing this tedious job. And we also talked about the Wilheim scream, the same scream used by various movies over the few decades.

The rest who attended the session were all experienced humans. Either editors, producers, graduates with degrees or diplomas in film or performing arts, sound editors from FINAS, and here I was…potato as can be. Just coming because I really wanted to learn.

And learn we did….after lunch πŸ˜€


I know the picture’s blurry, but that’s all I have.

So after lunch this was clearly what we did for 2 hours.

We were allowed to edit the sounds for the car chasing scene in Polis Evo (because our sifu was Luka Kuncevic, guy who created the music for Polis Evo!)

It was really tiring, standing there for 2 hours trying to pick the best tyre screech, honk, gun shot, ricocheting sounds. We didn’t even lift a finger to edit the whole thing…just directed and gave opinions to the poor (but SUPER FAST) guy who clearly knew all the shortcuts for that program.

We added the last car rev into the scene and BOOM we was doneee!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Funny how he has to stand like I’m short. >_>


So tomorrow we’re going to hear what our version sounds like compared to the original!

Can’t wait. *nervous laughter*

Cheers! ✌out!


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