13/50: MonashOweek

We spent the whole day playing beer pong, plus music, minus the alcohol….Still great fun!

And I didn’t get to workout today because I woke up late. Mom made sure I woke up in time to do the housework tho…AND THEY DAY IS SAVED! Cause nothing is more important than clean clothes to workout in tomorrow. 😂

We had dart throwing, nerf gun shooting, ‘beer’ pong, and some agility dots game…which I’ll be trying tomorrow.

Also, we had a free-of-charge photo booth, FREE subway COOKIES, and free sample of the

NEW HEALTHY-MEAL-IN-A-JAR VENDING MACHINE..which comes with the cutest spork I’ve seen (Spoon + fork)

Life is complete. All that was sour and salty with Monash University Malaysia after chasing Starbucks away….has become a yummy meal. :D.. (As long as they work longer than our escalators)

And I was too busy trying to get a personal highscore for this beer pong game. Gave up when some savage student reached 260 pts (mine was 210pts). Then another came and scored 340 pts….It would seem that the first years are full of crazy beer pong pros.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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