Day 11/50: Good Luck! Dear friend of mine.

So I got up today at 7am to do all the housework and sit down to wait for the big event for the day! 9am came and I was cleaning the kitchen while thinking “Oh well, I don’t think IKEA would be opened at this time.” So I continued busying myself.

10am came and I was already on my bed trying to sleep away my restlessness.

Then I remembered of a certain present from Lovisa, which needed wrapping and some message which needed writing.

2016-07-13 10.33.28 2.jpg
I just love that blue!


Okay, So who is this friend of mine?

Let’s start of with the fun fact that I was hated in primary school. Hated and ostracized. Basically if you were my friend, I would be your only friend, because one lil lady who hated me the most, would make sure of it.



It was probably my attitude and what not. The fact that I was as round and as potato as can be, I could never score top 3 or 100% in any subject, and my mom would cut my fringe in the most uneven fashion, probably made me hard to love. Also, well…they weren’t the nicest people on the planet.

And this friend of mine was from that elites gang, but she was quiet, less aggressive and scored better marks.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


When I entered secondary school, I managed to get first place in class….contrary to everyone’s expectations, including this friend of mine. She was, by then, an outcast from the elites group due to some blown up, petty rife.

So we became best of friends. Not in the – I did everything for her, kind of way, but like equals. That friendship continued all the way till our last year. By then, we sat beside each other in the front row of class, shared loads of insider jokes, and understood each others needs etc.


One of the things I’d never forget, was this time when the teacher wasn’t around and the class was so unbearably chaotic..Β I went to call a teacher.

Call me a nerd, but if both your parents graduated with first-class honors; your grandfather received a full scholarship to study his masters in England; you had ancestors who basically scored top 3 in ancient chinese imperial exam (true story); TELL ME WHAT YOU’D BECOME IF NOT A NERD.

So then, I left the class with the teacher who told everyone off and they went savage with the criticisms, andΒ my friend backed me up behind my back. πŸ™‚

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
recognize these Washis?


Fast forward a few years and this dear friend of mine just got a scholarship to a good university. That’s how we ended up going to IKEA and walk around to look for some stuff to buy. Hey, IKEA meatballs are a form of celebration.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Raspberry filled biscuits ARE BOMB.

And we walked to The Curve and IPC before heading home.


Who knows when we’ll see each other again?

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
I’d like to thank VSCO…where would my pictures be without you? The trash, obviously.


I know you will try and do great things. Great things often need great courage! Great courage will lead to great events!

But in all these events, if you ever feel nervous or alone, I hope these earrings will be by your side (literally), as I wish I was. I’m so glad I’ve met someone like you! You’ve shaped me into a better person, no matter how you deny it.

Of course we may make more memories in the future! But for now, I’m already satisfied with all the experiences we had together. ❀

Cheers! ✌out!


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