Day 9/50: Dad has been weird….

Dear reader, it has been the weirdest week. My dad, who’s routine, would normally consist of waking up, like everyone else of course.

Then he would sit on his throne dumping gold nuggets for an hour or two before going out to earn hard money for the family. He would then come back to eat dinner while watching the news before going up to his room and play solitaire to perfection. (seriously…my dad makes sure he matches the spades first, followed by hearts, clubs and diamonds)

But recently, after our maid ran away, my dad has been the handiest of handymen, the most hardworking of hardworkers, and the daddest of all dads.

Somewhere last week he painted the walls next to the staircase. Then, on Wednesday, he mowed the lawn (we helped of course), but on top of that, he sharpened the blades with a grinder, and removed all the strings and odd things from the motor.

Somewhere in between that, he also packed his majestic heap of clothes and sorted the boxes of clothes which he had been hoarding. O

n alternate days, instead of flicking through channels and resting, he has also been washing the dishes with us, which…really…I still can’t believe it.

Then on Friday, he spent the whole afternoon fixing the hood (that he bought last year from a sale) for our stove and fixed the pipe nozzles so that we could wash dishes in peace. I’m sure there’s things he’s been doing without telling us..I’m just so sure of it.

Then yesterday, he cleared the side of our house, sawed the wooden doors to pieces (cause it couldn’t fit into any car to be thrown), cleared the 2 colonies of ants  (black and red) with its eggs and nest away, and washed the floor.

Yesterday, during dinner, he saw the next table celebrating someone’s birthday. He and my sister both commented on how the next table had cake….

AND THEN HE SAID:” maybe we’ll stop by a cake shop and buy a whole cake later, how bout that?”

After I picked up my jaw from the ground and collected the leftovers from my mind-explosions, he gave my sister and I 50 bucks, dropped us off at a cake shop to choose a 500g cake. No…it wasn’t anyone’s birthday. It wasn’t any special day.

Nobody achieved anything great (well….I did get my results. 1HD, 2 D’s and 1 credit. Still not a cause for celebration). Nobody had recently gone through depression.

2016-07-10 11.19.40 1.jpg

But here we were, eating Black Sesame Cake. No song, no presents.

I kept asking my dad if he had any severe illness that he wasn’t telling us. Or if something bad happened. And he just laughed and joked saying :”You know what happens after a flame burns it’s brightest right? Whoosh~”

He was joking, but really..I’m still worried.

Other than that, LIFE IS SUPERB LIKE THAT. How did I get parents like that?

2016-07-11 04.30.04 2.jpg

Cheers! ✌out!


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