6/50: Déjà vu?

Today’s news:

  1. Trump takes down a white-supremacist sounding tweet. Why is this news? Because Donald Trump hardly regrets anything he says…no matter how bigoted it sounds. (CNN)
  2. More Brexit hate. Thousands march on the streets. Will it come to the point that the leavers protest against the protest of the non-leavers? (BBC)
  3. It’s Penang UMNO deputy chairperson’s opinion that donations to Lim Guan Eng are burdening the citizens, bad baddd DAP. Then someone from DAP is like, YO! This not da mysterious donation u noe? Tis willing donation from citizen, u no tok much much yah! …jz kidding. But ya, somewhere along those lines. (Malaysiakini)
  4. LCCT-KL is actually referring to KLIA2. They want to promote KLIA2 as a low-cost carrier hub, hence the cause of this confusion.
  5. On the 19th July, ministers from China and Australia will come down to KL for a meeting to discuss on how they should proceed with the search for MH370. We’ve found part of a wing so far. (Eye Witness news)

Yesterday i spent 2 Malaysian hours playing badminton with friends. Which means I spent half an hour waiting for majority to start playing before the minority turned up an hour later. hahaha.

Then I came back to do some house work and freshen up before going out with another bunch of friends to watch Finding Dory. P.S.: I’ve been waiting to see lil Dory’s cute face for months! But truth be told, the story line wasn’t very entertaining. Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading too much Game Of Thrones..or maybe I just grew old inside. Dayum.

Anyway, after that we headed to Waffle World for much chit chat. Somehow we ended up discussing dreams and deja Vu.

I was sharing a few dreams of mine, which I could never forget.

Dream #1.

I was in my aunt’s house in Singapore and my family gathered around my aunt lying on her bed. They moved aside for me as I saw her suffering with scars covering her body. She looked at me and  kept telling me something, but I could not hear.

Then I was praying in a temple. Suddenly there was an angry crowd outside. They were carrying chairs and torches and threw them into the hall. I kept pleading them not to burn the temple began to burn around me. I knelt down crying.

A lady ran into the temple carrying an old telephone and said:”Someone’s on the line for you!”. I picked up the phone and I had a vision of our family’s old chinese doctor saying:”医生很想念你”. Then I slowly woke up.

I was terrified of the whole thing because they all meant a lot to me. So I kept pestering my mother to call my aunt and told her that I dreamt that something bad happened to her. She called and told me nothing bad happened. After some time she called my mom saying that she actually had this skin problem that couldn’t be cured (western or eastern), where she would get very bad rashes and itch all over. When she went to the temple to kau chim (shaking a bamboo cylinder with sticks which have their own meanings until one of them drops out), the stick told her that she had to find a god doctor (神医) to cure her illness. So she came to see him and stopped when she got better.

Dream #2

This dream has two episodes where I dreamt the second one a few weeks later. I wrote this down shortly after I woke up from the second dream, hence the ability to insert detail into my description.

The automatic glass door opens. I see a pretty young girl in a kimono with straight black hair floating on a little green hill, waiting for me. She smiles at me while we walk. I have to find something… But what?  

Suddenly she’s gone. A group of prefects run after me. They chase me around a playground as I parkour my way around. I try and tell them that I’m looking for something. I cannot speak. I somehow manage to escape. 

I bring objects to the girl. She keeps shaking her head. Somehow, I know that I’m running out of time. Then I wake up.


I’m lying on the field. I look beside me, I know it is the same girl even though she is looking away. We both get up.

This time, she has long white streaks of hair with ragged clothes. Her face looks pale and heavily wrinkled especially around her eyes. Her eyes are wide, staring and sunken. I am not afraid, but resolute. She stares at me.

I know what I must do. I run into the building with the automatic glass door.

On the floor lies a red carpet that leads to one room on the left and goes on before leading to two doors on each side at the end. I enter the first room on the left.

The room is well lit in warm white. The wood used for all the carvings are light colored. The room seems cheerful. I see many wooden carvings. Small wooden carvings are placed on the counter top. I look at them.

Some of them are wooden carvings of chinese ladies in traditional Tang Dynasty garments. Some are action figures and cartoon characters from movies. Slowly I turn to see bigger wooden carvings in wooden cupboards behind glass doors.

At the corner of the room, there is an old man who holds a carving knife, carving a wooden figure. He does not move, or maybe he moves slowly. I walk towards him. To my horror, he is also a wood carving..or was he the man who carved all this and finally, in his obsession, became a wooden carving himself?

I have a feeling as though the carving is alive, maybe I need to help him. But I remember that I had something to look for urgently, his wooden pupils almost move as I turn to exit the room.

I follow the red carpet until the end. There is a lady and a man waiting for me. They ask me to enter the ghost house. They tell me it will be fun and exciting. They tell me I should enter from the right door and I will come out from the left door.

I contemplate, then shake my head. I need to look for something. They stare at me. I run out through the automatic glass door in front of me.

She was waiting for me. I look at her, then we both move along together as I look around for the unknown object that I am suppose to find. I see the road with cars. Across the road, I see my family carrying shopping bags and calling me to follow them.

Then I spot a wooden sandal across the road beside them. The girl and I look at each other. I cross the road as my family continues calling my name. I am about to reach the wooden sandal. I am about to finish my task. 

Then the scene fades as I wake up.


Then anyhoo, these dreams led to the discussion of the times when I dreamt of a certain wall, or a peculiar situation which happens a few days later, which luckily happened to my other sane friends….which led to our multiple theories of how a person can dream of something in the future.

Theory #1: A person enters a mental state during sleep (let’s call it state A). In state A, they dream of something that will happen in the future. Why? Because in that near future, they so happened to be in state A without realizing it. Then State A would be this state where you could connect to your future you, as long as the future you were to be in State A.

Theory #2: A person dreams of multiple scenarios. All of which are actually the possible outcomes or extrapolations from your current position. However, you have taken the path that leads to this one scene that you happened to dream of.

Theory #3: The scene that the person dreams of is a scene that must take place in a persons’ life. Even if it isn’t an important moment, somehow, no matter what decision a person makes, that scene will play out.

And other theories that spawned more theories. We discussed about how some of the theories were not logical. But what is logic? It is only a system of knowledge or sense that mankind has learned, accepted and based their thoughts and decisions upon this supposed ‘truth’. Before science proved that the Earth was round, it was absurd and illogical to think that the world was anything but a flat tabletop where ships would fall to nothingness at the end of the sea.

And so what do we have in the end? Nothing but the experience that we have dreamt of something, only for it to come true in the future. No proof, no acceptable logic, no scientific theory, just unfathomable experiences.

Cheers! ✌ out!



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