Day 5/50: My weight? Wan ton.

My opinions of the news:

  1. Austria will be voting for their president again because its highest court deemed the poll invalid.
  2. CNN came up with all the times where President Obama was dissed and hated by other politicians. Very interesting read.
  3. Ambiga thinks that Najib should leave his post before Guan Eng. Well…that ain’t happenin bruv. (Malaysiakini)
  4. The building under construction at Bandar Sunway was on fire. (The Star)
  5. A minister says Pakatan has god complex. So does Beyonce, she’ll motivate your ass, call her Malcolm X.~ *hums tune to Don’t Hurt Yourself*

Today was just house chores. Working out some problems with my body to get it back to health and shape..



I must say, oil popping is really annoying. Must you really get my fingers Oil? I’m trying to fry some Wantons peacefully here!

yep that’s it. 😛



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