day 4/50: Our maid ran away.

I was quite alright before the maid came…Washing dishes, washing clothes, and packing stuff. When she came though, it was a luxurious convenience of having all the time to potate around.

Even so, I had an uneasy feeling about her. Some slight sense of discomfort which was weird, because I’m an extrovert. Maybe it was because she didn’t know English, maybe it was because she was feeling insecure. Either way I did try my best to make her feel at home.

I offered her fruits that I had cut for myself. I gave her a hand lotion that I bought recently because my skin was peeling like nobody’s business (but since she was going to do the house work now, she probably needed it more than me).

So yesterday I was in my room. At 6pm, I went downstairs because I heard the sound of cooking. I had to tell her that we don’t usually eat that early, so it would’ve been better to cook it later for warmer food. However it was just the neighbors cooking. When I looked around, I saw that the toilet lights were switched on and assumed she was in there. So I went back up.

Around 7.45pm I came down again and everything was dark. I assumed she forgot to turn of the lights like I taught her to the day before. So I called out to her to tell her which switch turned which light on. She didn’t respond. I went round the house to find her.

Then my grandmother called and asked if everything was alright as she was at the front door and the house was dark. I was getting impatient because I couldn’t find her.

Maybe she’s sleeping on one of the beds?  I thought.

But no. The sudden inner panic came over me. She’s gone.

I had to call my mom and tell her what was going on. They were on their way home.

We checked again. She was gone. Her luggage and bags, gone.

After two days, our maid ran away.

Even now as I type this, I feel extremely guilty and nervous at the same time. Never in my life had I expected a house maid to run away, especially when my family treated her well, when my mother asked her to sit with the 2 of us during lunches. When she smiled at me and wished me a good morning which I returned happily. I suppose I should have known.

I’m not sure how many dinners it will take for me to be able to look at my dad without thinking of all the money I let run away at 6pm yesterday. I suppose there’s nothing left to be done after we’ve reported it to the police and the agency, but to be more mindful and take more precautionary measures.

Okay, gloom and doom aside, here’s today’s news!

  1. Legally Brexit! Lawyers are contemplating a few things about this issue. Whether David Cameron actually had the authority to say “It’s not you, it’s me”  . Whether Scotland has any authority to stop Britain from leaving EU. Whether there’s a possibility of having a second referendum. In short, Brexit is just like any other relationship. When it ends, both leaver and lover let out a huge sigh of relief or regret. (BBC)
  2. More and more crazy deaths as shootings and detonations get carried out by 3 men in Istanbul. (BBC)
  3. Clinton> Trump by 6 points. Murica has hope (CNN)
  5. Guan Eng might be charged with corruption, but he doesn’t need to step down as Penang Chief Minister. Why should he anyway? He’s waaaaay back at the line of people who are corrupted. :p (The Star)

Throwback AOTD : Fat Cat from Armenian Street, Penang.



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