Day 50: If you’re reading this, see you at 5am tomorrow!

So we’re halfway through this 100day project.

As I recall, I had 5 goals everyday:

  1. To read 5 news sources, which I have and sometimes found difficulty finding anything interesting besides death and bad news.
  2. Being healthy. To date I have lost about 2kg. My exercise? We’ll get to that in a bit.
  3. Do something artistic. Yes I have been pretty consistent with that. There are some days which I stay up till 1am just to draw or think of something that rhymes.
  4. Sit and chant for 15 minutes. I do that right before my sleep.
  5. Blog everyday. Yeah. I’ve been diligently blogging for 46 days in total. Of which I totally forgot the budding existence of my blog twice, and conveniently took a 2 day break recently.

And so I realize that I really need to up my workout game. Not only because it’s awesome to run up a flight of stairs with absolutely no sweat at all, but also because I’ve been chosen as the vice-captain of my sport house (Leviathan) for the Monash Cup this year, which will start on the 22 of August.

Honestly, I didn’t really bother much about fitness and how fast I could run. All I wanted was to fit into clothes that I had (because it’s economical), the ability to walk as much as I want (because transport cost and ktm schedules can kill you), and not getting diabetes and high cholesterol, which, I think my parents have either one or both of it.

The point is, I was shocked that we had to run a campaign to get girls to join our sport events. Like….don’t girls want to play? Isn’t it fun to score goals and dribble the ball? Isn’t it fun to physically train as a team and achieve something?

But we were trained to resent sports.

Girls in general were always told to sit down, be gentle, be feminine and learn how to cook. We were told to compete against each other; that you won’t get the job if you’re waist wasn’t as slim as the other girl; that you sure as HELL won’t be attractive if you were stinky and sweaty.

Because of that, I really want to be strong and fast enough to compete in the events and win a gold medal.

So for the next 50 days (until the 12th of August), I have resolved to wake up at 5am everyday to workout for 2 hours.

Oh, and also stream it live on Youtube. 

I’ve always wanted to do videos anyway, so this is how I’ll start. With that being said, I know 2 hours is a really long time of me face and my soon-to-be bubble-shaped-butt. The purpose of this live streaming is not really to show you that I can do 50 burpees in a minute (although…if I could, that’ll be really impressive), but more of sharing my progress and the result of committing 2 hours a day on something you want.

So if you have a resolution that you’ve always wanted to complete, or something that you’ve always wanted to do everyday but never got around to doing it, then join me at 5am!

Tell me what you’re doing and what you want out of it on TwitterInstagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #tt2h / #takethetwohours

and I’ll share it on my page so that we can inspire each other. 🙂

Like I said, it could be anything. If you’re a busy hooman and you’ve always wanted to pause. Take the 2 hours to stare at the sky and think like Aristotle.

If you’ve always wanted to eat healthy, take the 2 hours to cook a wholesome meal.

If you’ve always wanted to be an artist, take the 2 hours to sketch your surroundings or paint some watercolor.

If you’ve always wanted to learn a language, take the 2 hours to read, write, and do some intensive Google Translating.

If you’ve always wanted to be a photographer, take the 2 hours to find a subject and snap away.

If you’ve always wanted good grades, take the 2 hours to do some studying, exercises and correct your mistakes.

If you’ve always wanted to open a restaurant, take the 2 hours to plan your menu, find a good location and set a budget.

If you’ve always wanted to do something, #takethetwo hours to do it.

Share you’re journey with me!

and we’ll see what happens in 50 days!

(P.S.: I’ll definitely make my first compilation video after the 50th day! Can’t wait!)

Cheers! ✌ out!


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