DAY 48, 49: I’ve been playing.

Brexit news:

  1. The United Kingdom votes to leave EU. That means there will be 2 years worth of UK-EU news, as they discuss terms of trade, the impact of this decision on the lives of immigrants of other EU countries, UK’s trade with other countries, and more terms n policies. That’s my opinion anyway.

Yesterday’s story: old friends, bakuteh, good times.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Kinda funny how the non-chinese is the one having the chinese eyes.

Today I finally fulfilled my wish. To get the MCC bb cream while it’s still on sale. This wish was fulfilled as my dear friend volunteered to drive me to Sunway Pyramid for lunch.


We had Sushi at Sakae Sushi (because there’s where the sushi’s at its cheapest). Then we got attracted to the Lifejuice booth, as I was explaining to my friend how I used to buy one every time I got my salary back when I worked at Calvin Klein Jeans. Then we decided to have a look at Kitschen (obviously my suggestion) and H&M (mutually agreed upon).

And after that I came back home to cook spaghetti for fam.

And setting up my Youtube channel. See u tomorrow at 5am!

Don’t know what’s going on? click here.



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