Day 47: Just news

  1. US Senate rejects gun control bills. So obviously people would want the terrible shootings to end right? You would think after 1 singer, 49 gays, 1 politician in just a single month would scream “US NEEDS LESS GUNS, NOT MORE” then obviously the Senate is deaf.
  2. Man wanted to kill Donald Trump with police’s gun. Wew. We nearly had another gun death. Wait……NO WONDER SENATE DOESNT WANT TO PASS GUN CONTROL BILLS.
  3. Rosmah asks you not to talk bad about Malaysian government because it will disrupt harmony. Well…..if you didn’t do anything wrong we wouldn’t have anything bad to talk about. Silly me….I should just stay silent
  4. Teenagers using parents credit cards to bet on the UEFA…beware and keep your credit cards close and the keys to your cupboards closer.

Throwback : Lavender’s Frozen Ganache

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

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