Day 46:

Today’s news:

  1. All about the Brexit. Why does Britain want out on the European Union? (Or half of it)…Maybe they’re fed up with the immigrants from other European countries who come and suck welfare money..or maybe they’re racist? (CNN)
  2. Donald Trump’s campaign manager ain’t havin it no more.Why he left? No one is sure. Maybe it’s because he’s being dissed for staying beside a man who keeps trying to ban Muslims from coming in…instead of banning Muslims (or any other race) from holding guns. SERIOUSLY GUN LAWS PEOPLE DO SOMETHING. What will happen to murica once Obama steps down? smh. (BBC)
  3. Dr. Mahathir out to get Najib. Ooh..what will happen? who will get locked up? who will face charges? who knows? (Malaysiakini)
  4. New route up mt Kinabalu will open in August! (The Star)
  5. Astronaut, Tim Peak, suffers dizziness and vertigo after 6 months in space. It will take him a few days to learn how to walk and a 3 week recovery process before he can possibly function as a normal human being. (The Guardian)

Today was nothing but housework and cooking.

Ooh, and a taste of next semester’s schedule. At 10am sharp I tried to login to Allocate+, the system to arrange schedules in Monash. timetable is bitter-sweet as some lectures start at 8am and I have about 6 hours until the next lecture. I guess it’s gonna be just you and me again, library.

IF there’s any advise that I can give any other university students…don’t try and cramp your timetable so that you don’t have classes on Friday. You may think you’re the best and most awesome possum time savvy kid. (which under normal circumstances…u are) But beware…

after 2 semesters, I’ve seen many brave and intelligent students tire themselves through hell and high water because their timetable is too packed. Then just when they think the long weekend is coming, assignments and exams are due on Friday. Idk why. it just is.

So do yourself a favor and be creative…cramp everything and free your Mondays instead..Nah I kid. (but seriously…if you’re adamant on having a long weekend…that path is a lot less frustrating)

as for today’s AOTD, we’ll just have a small throwback to the time when I was at Penang.


Penang, Armenian Street

Day 50 is coming soon! And I feel like doing something special 😉

Surprise you later. Cheers!



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