Day 45: Fat-her’s Day !

So since I’ve neglected the news for some time, this might be a bit more news than usual:

  1. More people get shot. And even though 50 gays and 1 politician have been shot, I don’t think it has created a big enough impact on social media as much as Harambe, the gorilla. And still, gun laws…
  2. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are dating. My heart aches. But it’s such a shame that Tom isn’t the next James Bond, because then he would be the 8th James Bond as well as the 8th guy bonded to Taylor. Heyyyoo.
  3. Star in the Mexico version of “The Voice” shot to death as well. IS THIS GUN DEATH WEEK OR WHATT???? (CNN)
  4. 12 out of 50 died on the boat in a storm. 11 were children. See….this is the reality when you ride a boat in a storm. Not all that wishy washy crap in story books where it’s okay as long as everyone braves the waves. NOH. (BBC)
  5. Flash floods, one-metre deep at Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Kelapa Muda and Jalan Duta today. Be careful people!! Rainy seasons are more than having a hard time drying clothes and having dirty cars! Personally I think waxing your windshields are a good option. (Malaysiakini)
  6. Of course there’s lil things here and there. Like how this woman took a picture of birds flying over the Orlando funeral procession and then realized there were 49 of them. Then there was news of this guy who died while watching The Conjuring 2 and subsequently his corpse disappeared. I tell you that movie is just a stress-inducing tool for those who’ve never experienced deadlines.
  7. And today is Father’s Day! Naturally, we allow dads all over the world to make decisions that create happiness within them and mine went a bit over board i think…..or not.

During breakfast, we discussed on what we should have for lunch on Father’s Day..because we already celebrated it last week, it didn’t seem appropriate (or economic) to go out again and compete with all the other filial children in KL.

And he didn’t like the idea of chicken rice or bakuteh. Honestly I didn’t mind the idea of a normal lunch…I have made a resolve to stick to this 100 day project to look after my health. Been neglecting it and it finally took it’s toll yesterday when I tried to sleep at 12am but couldn’t ..up until 2am. Obviously some biological clock within me had been messed up.

So really….I was going to eat clean today, but clearly the discussion didn’t care about my diet.

Dad suggested we heat up the pizza in the freezer,buy a big box of sushi, (or three)….(and someone was asking if we had enough sushi..I say we could have fed an army), open up the box of ferrero rocher n dark chocolate that’s about to expire in 3 months and steam the frozen dim sum, eat the durian bombs they bought yesterday and drink up the bottle of moscato wine…all for father’s day lunch. Bless me.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
I would like you to fully digest this picture.

Thank goodness someone had the sense to put away the dim sum and take out the blue berries instead.

The moscato tasted like someone mixed ribena and pomegranate juice with watered-down champagne..but it was sweet and we were eating sushi not caviar so what the heck. I’m not one to complain and it’s not children’s day.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
True men hold 2 things close to their heart: promises and their wine.


And we wasted the whole day as a family watching chinese drama and drinking tea. A family that potates together stays together. ❤

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Finally…I have an excuse to use the tea pot I bought for my mom’s birthday.

As for my art today, let me feature an art piece that my friend drew for me!


I know, it’s a beauty. So let’s end it here on a good note. good noit. Cheers!



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