day 41: Another busy day


  1. Boy dragged into water by Alligator near Disney resort. (bbc) Totally terrifying. You thought Captain Hook was funny. noh. it rel.
  2. Guy falls into hot spring and scalds to death. (bbc)
  3. Man sends lady dick-pics. Lady wins hands down (BBC)
  4. Prince William on the cover of a gay magazine (CNN)

Today was a busy day indeed. Β And I’m too exhausted. I hadn’t had the time to plan out my plans for the holidays. Already friends are asking me if I’m free on this week or that day. There’s so much chores to be done (and at the same time I’m being asked why I can’t remember all of them). Time seems to fly past fast.

I was planning to get so marvelously fit this month. Also because the Monash Cup is coming up and we need girls to play. So in the meantime, while I try and get my shit together, here’s an AOTD from the past πŸ™‚

Panorama shot of street art in Penang. Throwback. :3

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