Day 40: Of BR1M, Books and Rain.

I lost my driving license. TT

So after flipping the whole house over, I decided to go back to uni and ask if they’ve seen a card with a picture of a potato on it. Nope.

So i had to go to JPJ and get a replacement.

As usual, if the KTM train didn’t stop anywhere for more than 15 minutes i think it would have been the greatest cause for worlwide celebration. So I got stuck at kl sentral for at least half an hour. AT LEAST.

But FIRST – we ( meaning the imaginary narrator in my head and I ) had to go and spend some BR1M dough.  And purge we did.

2016-06-14 11.40.52 1.jpg

I’m a very ‘series’ person as you can see. Even the Sherlock Holmes book is a collection of 4 novels and stuff stuff :3

As an Asian…besides textbooks I never really got the chance to bury my nose into books. The only series of fictional stories I’ve read, loved and remembered would be the typical – Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter…the not so typical – His Dark Materials, Old Kingdom, and Bartimaeus Trilogy…and the stuff which inspired a Studio Ghibli movie- Howl’s Moving Castle. Of course there’re loads of other stories I’ve managed to get my hands on, just that they’re single books, so there’s not much space for nice, thick, twisted plots (AW YISS can’t wait to open G.O.T) The only set which exist in my home and I’ve not touched – Twilight series…sorry, too long, plot reported to be too shallow (by my sister) but I’ll get to it some day. I think.

By the time I had decided between Les Miserables, The Little Prince  and The Hunger Game series and this set that I bought..i nearly grabbed The Silmarillion..forgot I bought that for my sister’s birthday back then….then got sucked into Kitschen after being accidentally blown into Forever 21’s sale sign…it was 4pm.. sheit.

And with all those books i thought, maybe I can tumpang the ktm counter at the Kuala Lumpur station ..see if they mind keeping two bags of books. Apparently they do. No place for books at the KTM counter, bt so much room for delays though. So I went to the MyNews outlet just after the bridge and the kind soul allowed me to place my books there ❤ (if you’re the boss…please don’t scold him..thx for understanding)

Then by the time I got to the office, I was just in time to see two guys sticking a notice at the lift…saying that JPJ will close at 5pm. Oh wow. yey. point sulking around, i had to go back home and rest my tired butt. It was raining and thank goodness i had an umbrella.

*True story here*

I opened it and waited for the bus to pass before I crossed the road. Suddenly from behind this ang moh took shade under my umbrella. He looked at me and smiled, and so I smiled back. When I continued to walk i looked at him and he got out of the shade and was like “oh never mind it’s okay.” *dramatic music dies* But anyway, that was cute and awkward. It’s also not the first funny incident I had during a rainy day while I had my umbrella.

A few weeks ago, while I was walking back, there was this group of foreign workers (no, not the ang moh type) and it was about to rain. I signaled to this group to come under my umbrella for shade. They were like “nonono it’s okay” and at that moment it started to pour and they ran under the umbrella. I had no clue what they were saying as we walked along the road. But when we reached the end of the road, they said thank you and proceeded to walk to the other side of the road. I suppose they were used to getting soaked under the rain.. Still I can’t bear to see people running like crazy while I carry such a huge umbrella all to myself.. so there.. 🙂

As for my room, I didn’t have time to pack it. Woke up at 9am ate at 10, before I knew it my mom wanted to talk to me. BOOM one and a half hours passed. So there. She loves me so. :3

Cheers! ✌out!


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