Day 38: My first horror movie. πŸ‘»

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Basically, I chose this picture because we all look awkward. πŸ™‚

So today, I got together with my friends to sweat over a light game of badminton n lunch, and swam in cold sweat for The Conjuring 2….my first time watching a horror film in the cinema (or anywhere for that matter).

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When I was still alive before my heart attack.

One word description: Exhausting.

The ominous orchestra and the slow walking of the nervous characters with things that just don’t make sense but sure as hell will scare you if your life was shot with the same exposure, just made my heart beat faster. What should you expect from this movie? There will be jump scares (a few, but not too much), there will be shadows, there will be times when the light switch doesn’t work and they’re forced to used the torchlight (the worst idea I have ever seen…but I can’t think of a better one), there will be screaming, there will be heart-wrenching sobs, will someone die? I don’t want to tell youu thaaat much.

You know the feeling when u a good student and the teacher asks you to take out your books but you don’t have them (when you were young of course…when this actually mattered), or the 15 second tenseness when your mom goes to get the rotan when she caught you doing something you shouldn’t have? Yeh, just extend that to 10 minutes after every 15 minutes..just like an extended climax of a major anxiety attack.

The good thing is that they have small breaks for your poor heart and soul.

While the film was based on a true story, the true story itself didn’t involve such an elaborate twist-to-the-twistΒ plot (which really makes you fear of the twisted-nessΒ if anything else). However, it’s still scary as hell (kinda literally here). The film captured the very concentrated essence of our daily fears, a lot of which include losing hope, losing everything in dark times (literal as well), in small and subtle ways here and there.

The only thing that prevented me from closing my eyes is my imagination. I felt like, if I didn’t know how the ghost looked like, my mind would conjure up an uglier scarier form. (oh hey, then it’ll be truly a ‘conjuring’ film gedit geditt??)

While its all scary and horrific, I felt like it was a slight ambush on the audience to preach christianity. I knoww i knoww..its a HOLLYWOOD film. If I wanted to watch a ghost film with Guan Yin and Buddha in it I should have picked a chinese horror story. But the last part where she holds something and says that line (can’t really spoil this for you can I?) really made me feel very detached from the story.

To console my poor tired heart, dinner was just 3 dishes OF DESSERT. Strawberry toast x1 and bingsu x2.


After that we spent the remaining hour looking for “After You”, because my sister just finished “Me Before You”. But sad to say, both mph and popular had no stock.

And now we shall go and find out if I’ll have nightmares after my first horror movie. I doubt really, because I have been having super sweet/ no dreams consecutively these few days, my subconcious has been nice to me lately. :))

Alright, no news opinions todaay, good night! Cheers! ✌out!



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