Day 37: Shop shop shoppp!

Today’s news:

  1. Christina Grimmie shot dead! So shocked. Bless my soul… gun laws murica…gun laws. (Facebook)
  2. Human from Oregon neither male or female. So which bathroom does he go to??? I’m sorry for being curious, but seriously.. (CNN)
  3. “The government already owns seven jets, so why the need to lease another jet for RM86 million?”. Terengganu prince talks about how Najib n le fam bam spending more than royalty……and he should know..cause…well..he is royalty. Malaysiakini
  4. Queen Elizabeth wore apple green at her 90th birthday celebration. You absolutely have to know that she wore green. Owh..she’s also 90 this year. 🙂 (The Star)
  5. How the British pushed textile makers to the farm, causing a million to starve and die 150 years ago. (BBC Viewpoint)

Today was the day, I washed 2 of the bathrooms in my house, and within an hour, I bathed, changed, and got down to kl for a 3 hour lunch session with muh fam bam. I personally don’t have the stomach to post any pictures of myself during the transition..not after yesterday’s post choco block full of my face.

Just when I thought “wow, today was such a relaxing day. 3 hours justtt talking about life and its events with le fam. with 10 minutes dedicated to my dad opening his present for Father’s day.”

We passed by Kitschen and sale happened. I really don’t remember what we were thinking but now I have 4 shirts and a pair of baby blue flats. Yey.

flats and top from Kitschen. Shorts from Nike. haha. 

and so by the time we swore never to look at any thing other than the autopay machine, 3 more hours had already passed. Yey. So here I am now trying to finish this post, while a heap of clothes lay on my bed. The aftermath of trying to figure out which clothes matches with which. (and trying to make sense of that shirt you thought was cute, but it was just the 50% discount) oh wellll. The ever more dearest loveliest sis paid ❤ Saranghaeyoo!

Aaaaand since my exam is DONE DONE DONEEE. Here’s a poem for you :3



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