Day 36: Hair on point 👌

What’s all this glitter, gold and rainbows all around me where ever I go? I thinkk…I Thinkk…I THINK IT’S THE END OF MY EXAAMS! HAH. The heart gloats in all its glory. 😀

Before that here’s today’s news.

  1. NEW DISH! Seagull curry. Kidding..the bird fell into curry and turned orange. They cleaned him up of course. (BBC)
  2. Another piece of MH370 found in Madagascar. Are we going to get there? (BBC)
  3. Everybody kinda likes Hilary Clinton. Obama and Warren endorses Hilary. (CNN)
  4. Not news but oh well- Video proof that Rosmah travels with a line of luggage behind her. (Malaysiakini)
  5. Start of the Euro 2016!! (

And YOO! Today I decided I must treat myself because…well..*whispers loudly* IT’S MY LAST PAPERRRR. Anyone who cringed at that statement, obviously don’t have the skill to rejoice in other people’s happiness. (pushing my friendship to the limits = what I do best). And what did I treat myself with? C. Michael’s Hair treatmeeeent! To be specific (From messenger chat with the team) :

Apple Stem Cells Intensive Hair Treatment, this 100% natural and chemical-free treatment is like an effective hair mask treatment, but the effect of smoothness and shine will last longer on your hair. Also it balances the pH Level of your hair and strengthening your hair.

Basically we will be using all plant based products during the treatment, firstly we cleanse your hair using our professional range Apple Stem Shampoo (based on your hair and scalp condition). Next, we will apply our Apple Stem Cell Hair Treatment on your hair follow with hair steaming treatment for around 20mins, once it’s cool off we will rinse the treatment off and style/blow dry your hair slightsmile emoticon

We will finish off with our treatment mist and hair serum for moisture protection.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
the hair unsuspecting victim. 😀

I wished I had the guts to take a selfie with her. But it was right after my last frankly i had no more guts for anything but aimless scrolling through my Facebook feed.

So from 1- 10, how vain can a lady get after an apple stem cell hair treatment? C. Michael. that’s how:

and it was 6pm golden hour….so this is how my vsco cam looked like:

Usually my camera can be really ruthless…but today it had no choice cause I was just so god damned fabulous. I really want to go to the branch in k-avenue next time. (Also, my hair smells like a basket of golden delicious so I know what my dreams will be tonight).

Also, my skin has improved a lot as you can see from the million photos above hah. hah. haaaaa.

But just to give you a comparison:

For purpose of comparison….no filters were used. So yes..this is how I look like in real life. So you will know how a missing potatoh looks like. As for the angle…peculiarly, only that side of the face was bombarded with I didn’t intentionally u know….*still gets judged anyhoo*

If anyone ever asked how I look like….just give them the link to this post.

On second thoughts…maybe not.

Prior to this Aesop adventure, my mom kept looking at my face. And she was like, you better do something to your face.. I said “Yeh, I am …that’s why this side of the face no more pimple jor…the other side still got” She was like “I don’t think so, I see your face very often every day”….and I was like “(dude) I see my face more than you do…in the mirror….every morning evening night…you can’t argue with that” Honestly wasn’t paranoid with how my faced looked until my whole family kept looking, touching and sighing at my face. T-T

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO GIVE CREDIT TO: My friend’s mom who does my facial every three weeks. Last week she was kinda shocked on my outbreak (because finals+ wanting good results = sleeping late). She’s the ‘peculiar’ reason why the other side of my face has no pimples…hahahaha.. I think she got a shock cause it happened after she left my face alone for an additional week. (She went on a holiday you see…even got me a souvenir..and my souvenir to her? late-night sleeping-pimple-faced-potatoh ._. )

Anyway, that’s all for now (before I get more pimples for sleeping late TT)

Cheers! ✌out!



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