day 35: Exams are gonna be over soon!!

Today’s news talks about Hilary Clinton for once, and not Donald Trump’s not so witty racial remarks.

  1. Clinton wears $12,000 Armani Jacket. Yo what do you want?? when she wore it down you didn’t take her seriously and voted for Donald Trump. Now you say her wardrobe’s too expensive. You want her to wear Ghandi’s robes or what? This is pure trivialization…but i s’pose some controversy should work as publicity like it did for Trump. (Independent)
  2. Apple’s Siri saves a life! (CNN)
  3. How you can avoid stuffing your face with food because you’re feeling empty. Not hungry. (CNN)
  4. Wall Street Journal’s writing lies about Najib. (The Star)
  5. RM500 for the 1.6 million civil servants. Servants don’t get rm500 on a good day ya know.. (Free Malaysia Today)

Nothin much today, just studying for exams. But this Friday imma go to C. Michael to give my hair some much needed nourishment. Shall update soon!

AOTD (Throwback):

Trip to Sekinchan few months back. 🙂

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