My best experiences as a salesgirl

I remember with fondness the day I started looking for a part-time job. It was right after my exams and I told myself I didn’t want to be a useless bum, rotting at home.,(make no mistake..i regretted it later on the night when the ktm was delayed at 11pm on a Sunday) So I went to MidValley to look for a job, popped by each store which had the “hiring” sign to ask about the vacancies, salaries and stuff. In the end, I worked in CK Jeans in klcc and Gardens with two groups of fine people.

Working for the first time was really strange. It took me some time to get use to the clock in clock out thingy, because I didn’t get how sitting in the store room and resting would be any better than standing out in the store doing nothing (that was until Weekends and tour groups came and turn the shop over). But besides that, there were some moments which made me satisfied with my job even though being a sales girl isn’t something people are terribly proud to be. But I was always proud when I made someone happy. πŸ™‚

  1. Once, this Singaporean couple came in to buy some shirts for their teenage daughter. They looked like they were in their 40’s. Keen to make sales, I did what most of my colleagues wouldn’t do, offer them a seat (because generally customers are suppose to walk and look around to get something to buy right…not the smartest sales girl i was). They were really happy with that anyway. I asked them what kind of shirts they were looking for and brought every shirt I thought, which fit their description to them. They took some pics to show their daughter and ended buying 2 or 3 shirts..which came up to about rm300 (but then when you convert it to SD…….) either way I made sale. yey.
  2. Then another time I served this young couple with a baby. They were looking for a red polo-necked t-shirt. So I showed them one design (the last one in our store) and they weren’t sure about the size (or it was too big or small…i forgot) but it led me to taking another red polo t for them to try. But I also explained to them that it was a special label. So even if it was roughly the same design, same color, but it was about rm50 more expensive after discount (something like that). Attended to their every need..also to get an excuse to look at their cute lil baby. At the counter the man asked for my name and told me that I was a really great sales person and like super nice and stuff *blush*…and of course..i never stopped repeating supervisor must have had enough too..muahahahhaha.
  3. This one is interesting. Once there was this really shady looking customer. Came in with disheveled top and didn’t even button his clothes properly. Had the onion hairstyle with pink highlights. Honestly, if he spoke Japanese I might have thought I saw a Yakuza or sumthn (sorry if you’re a Yakuza…i really don’t know what you should look like..but anime stereotyped you so…no offense).

    He came in, browsed around for a while, and he told me what he wanted. When I gave him the clothes to try his hands were like grappling everywhere…which really freaked me out..cause well DUDE WHAT U TRYNA DO???? So anyway, he went to try on the clothes and took a really long time. When I went to check on him I saw him sucking on a pacifier. NO JOKE, the baby pacifier. In my head I was like OH SEHIT IS THERE A CRAZY SCHIZO BABY/ YAKUZA IN OUR SHOP NW???!?

    I told my colleague and she was shocked as well, and so we just sat there to wait for him. Amazingly, this guy bought more than RM1000 worth of stuff..we were really wondering like…is this legal credit card??? (Also, while paying, he asked what shop is this. He was facing the counter…with the name of our brand probably 2 metres wide) I was trying really REALLY hard not to judge but…when a shady looking guy, with pink highlights on his blonde hair, comes in and nearly grapples you, then sucks a pacifier, then ask you what shop he’s entered….becomes your customer, try not to judge ..I DARE YUU.

    So because he bought so much stuff, he was entitled to a haircut voucher at the Centro Hair salon at The Gardens which was very near our shop. Β So he asked me where this place was, and I explained to him ( just turn left…walk straiighhht and it’s on your left…that’s how close it is). But he said he didn’t understand and he wanted me to guide him.. I had to guide him..since he was my customer, I served him (got the commission) and….my colleague sure as hell wasn’t gonna serve him anyway. hahaha. So a sales girl gotta do what a sales girl gotta do.

    In my mind I was like “Woahhh…Mr Shady has gone TOO SHADYY.” so I told him, it’s just thereee. Then he explained that he needed me to guide him cause he’s nearly blind.. and suddenly all my pieces of judgement fell into a puzzle of pity and sadness. “Zomg..this nearly blind dude is walking alone in a shopping complex” …” ZOMG what if this dude gets robbed”…”Zomg this dude must feel prettyyy awkward to admit it to me so hesitantly”..”Zomg, he must have been sucking the pacifier as an anxiety relief thingy”….”ZOMG DID THIS GUY FEEL JUDGED BY MEHHH???” So I instantly led him there and explained to the hair salon guy why he couldn’t book an appointment for tomorrow and that *whishpers*Β he’s nearly blinddd* ..and all was thanked me again and again..i said goodbye and said “Dayumm juin, you one moralistic lady”. *self-five*

  4. Then once, on the day my exam results got released, there was also this sweet guy who came in to look for a bag. He picked out two bags and asked for my opinion, said he wanted to look young and sporty. He preferred one while I thought the other was more suited for him. But after all, it was just my opinion so I’m like…I dunuh dude, I think this looks young and stuff, but if you like that then its totally finee. The one I picked out was also cheaper anyway. He said he’d think about it and left.

    When I came back from lunch my colleague told me that he came back to buy the bag again. He also made sure that the bag was sold under my name so that I would get my commission. I felt like humanity was all around and it was warm and fuzzy..maybe it was lunch..but that guy was nice as well, glad I made him happy.

  5. On and off I would get these old couples where the husband totally neglects his poor wife. She would sometimes be tempted to try a shirt or two..but in her eyes, she never looked good enough for herself.

    So once, this wife was walking around our store while her husband couldn’t care less and tried shirt after shirt. And she saw a shirt on sale and asked for ‘L’ size. I took one look at her and said “You’d definitely look better in an M” She took my words for marketing puff and empty flattery and insisted on the L. I took both and said :”You try both la, I guarantee you can fit M and you look better!” So she smiled and took both into the fitting room. Husband said she looked nice.

    So she bought the M size with all smiles.

  6. Then when I was about to leave, my colleagues lied to me. OK it was a semi-lie but I fell for it so that sucks cause im a silly potaytoh. They asked for my opinion on which shirt looks the best and why, cause they had some kind of training which they had to go round the store once and pick out the best combo and explain why they picked it. So I picked this shirt and jeans and really went all out to match these clothes. And my taste not bad wannn laa k..some customers praised before de lehh..wahaha. Then on my last day, they bought the shirt for me as a present. :3
    I don’t really wana show you what shirt they got me, because that kinda takes away the value of the gesture. But they were so awkwardly sweet.Β XD When they were in the process of creating the surprise,Β one of them went out, one of them went to the store room and the last one quietly placed the box under the counter. Which I so conveniently pushed aside to charge my phone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And he was like ….wud . hahahaha So anyway, throwback to our last photo together!

    Feeling so reminiscent and nostalgic cause it’s exam week TT


There are just some things I really wished I got when I walked into a a friendly conversation with sales people who didn’t just talk for the sake of selling. Often, people who go out to shopping malls are looking for something. They come into the shop, look at the price tag and go “ohh golly, cant afford that, gostan gostannnnn”.. and I think it’s really sad that I should reinforce the idea that poor people shouldn’t even think of coming into the store to look, because we only have clothes to offer, nothing more, nothing else.

Then later we ask why are customers all rich and saturated with bad attitude? It’s probably because they see how we treat customers who can’t afford their goods, so they think they’re one step above the rest. But in my book, that shit don’t fly. I treat customers really nice because the last thing I want is a customer to walk out sadder, because he can’t afford a single thing in our shop. I treat them nice, because even if they can’t afford our clothes, they can afford to be polite and get happiness in return.

In my eyes, it’s not a customer who walks in, but another human looking for some form of satisfaction. So I give them company and happiness. Even though its sad to see some of them feeling so delighted like they’ve never been treated so well, it still brings me joy to talk and communicate to people and get appreciated for it. πŸ˜€

P.S.: Of course there were some terrible customers who came in 5 minutes before closing time, wrecked out shops, customers with children who ran everywhere and screamed, customers who couldn’t speak english so they grabbed my hand to scratch with a pen (wtfufah moments)…but let’s just focus on the good stuff today. πŸ˜‰




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