Day 33: It’s fine cause you’re the youngest.

This is a post for all the other younger siblings or any sibling out there. If this applies to you then you’re it.. ya know….get what i mean? gedwhadaimeen? No..okay go on and read:

  1. When some donkey job gotta get done..SURPRISE! YOO DA DONKEE!
    now I’m not salty over anything specific per se, but it gets quite nerve-wrecking when you’re okay with doing it but not juust yet cause you’re occupied, but everyone be like SOMEONE’S GONNA DIE. DO IT NOW. kinda stuff stuff. Like I said, it doesn’t have to always be younger siblings..heck you might be a mom and this applies to you so I’m not one to judge.

    from this site
  2. It’s okay if your timetable gets wrecked, cause your life and everyone un-family in it doesn’t matter. You gotta go for class? We’ll just wait for your dog to poop because he feels more comfortable whenever everyone’s around. But when their in the car while you’re wearing yer shoes, you’re definitely the reason why their late..even though you were waiting for them for half an hour before deciding to go to the toilet. I’m EXAGGERATING obviously…but it’s only cause;

    yoda poop
    from this site
  3.  Your the wurst for talking bad about the family..(a total sausage) Butcher know what’s fine? Your mom telling all her friends and relatives how you hid your homework under your bed for a week when you were in kindergarten is totally cute af (I honestly don’t have a fragment of that memory). Then she talks about how she had to stand beside you with a ruler while you memorized your timetables like a potato. (If you think the ruler was for measuring her patience…think again). Because it’s fine that everyone thinks your a lazy, childish, lump of a potato with no future even though you’ve been scoring A’s like Lingling.

    from this site
  4. In your life…with your position in the pecking order, there can only be two possibilities when something bad happens.
    If it’s related to you (ya screwed): You should’ve _ this! *brings it up 20 years later*
    If it’s not related to you (ya also screwed): How did you expect me to_. You should have told me!/ known/ handled the situation so that this doesn’t happen.
    And then they’ll bring it during dinner as jokes cause jokes…ur opinion= jokes, ur life= jokes, ur face= jokes..JOKES.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    But when it’s absolutely their fault..and they have been unreliable for the 100th time (I’m exaggerating cause it’s a joke)..silence~ because they’re old/ human/ no choice/ any reason that you can’t use anyway so there’s no point remembering// jokes.
  5. But with alll those rants and bitterness aside, there are just somethings worth joking for. Like when your sibling decides she’ll buy the family your favorite cheesecake and has absolutely no idea you’ve eaten a quarter of it on your own. 🙂 NOT JOKES..sorry jie *burp*

  6. When your mom has no choice but to fetch you from the train station at 11.59pm because you accidentally took the wrong train. Occasionally ur sibling too.
  7. When your dad has to cough up sad money to repair the car you’ve wrekt. Sorry dad.
  8. When your sibling tells ur dad stfu (JOKES) because he’s attacking your self-confidence.
  9. When everybody loves going out with you because..if anything goes wrong it’s gona be your fault but u happy stuhpud potaytoh anywayz.
  10. When your family goes out for meals and you don’t have to think of paying and divide the gst by 13 people…
  11. When you have a full family for 20 years before your sister got married and now u have ONE LESS PERSON TO SHARE YOUR FOOD WITH..MUAHAHHAHA.


Ilmf :3



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