Day 32: Boredooom

The biggest news today would probably be:

  1. RIP Muhammad Ali. The boxing legend passed away at the age of 74. (BBC)
  2. Ash Carter is sayin that China is being greedy for claiming a huge part of the South China Sea. If their not careful we won’t friend them anymore. In the news it writes Ash Carter, but on the tab it writes Obama warns… i dunu men.(CNN)
  3. Dr. M not happy that Chinese won’t get their hands chopped like Melays in PAS’s proposal for Hudud law. So does that mean both Chinese and Melays should get their hands chopped or go to jail for two months? (Malaysiakini)
  4. Boy’s toes got stuck in the elevator in Singapore (The Star)
  5. Alvin Tan reveals the truth behind “Alvivi”. or at least, his version of the truth. (World of Buzz)

So today I went to see the doctor. Got the number and stuff, but when I got there, they were closed. Cause today is Agong’s birthday (Happy birthday Agong! lol!) So since I’ve come so far, I had to eat right.


2016-06-04 10.07.18 2.jpg
at 168, you’ve gotta order the wantan mee. 

and the rest of the day was pretty much spent at home studying and studying then taking selfies and then studying again.

Proof that studying drives you to insanity…or chronic boredom. haha

and that’s about it folks. Cheers!



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