Day 31: In a Field of Dandelions

Funny enough how the news is filled with parents and their troubled/ troubling kids. First is was theΒ negligence of a parent who caused the death of a gorilla. Then the negligence of a parent who caused the destruction of of a lego sculpture worth $10,000.

  1. Now watch as parents purposely neglect a seven-year old boy as punishment,Β then worry all about the missing boy for a week, then find the surprisingly sensible boy at the military base, unfrozen and alive. The Japanese are obviously teaching their kids a lil extra somthn somthn. (CNN)
  2. Metalenses- the lens with pillars smaller than the wavelength of light (10nm as to 400-700nm), allows us to see things like we’ve never seen before~~~
  3. Prince died of overdose. How many singers and actors have we lost to drugs mann?
  4. Dr. M had to answer 37 questions in 30 minutes. This kids…is why we have exams under pressure u feel?
  5. Passengers on LRT and ERL stuck and sad. I swear, news on Malaysia is all about politics, transport problems, flash floods and Yusuf Taiyoob cause Ramadhan.

Used my Aesop products from yesterday. Maybe it’s a mind over pimple thing, but I seriously think my scars are healing. In any case, I took a picture of my face today and we’ll see what it looks like next week. Don’t worry I turned off the beautifying thingy on the front camera..cause honestly, even that system can’t save my face.

And then shout out to that one person from Brunei who came by and viewed my page 20 times today. Don’t know who you are but woah man, i feel the support. Bless u.

As for my AOTD:

It’ll be a set of rhyming words! Yey. :3


In a Field of Dandelions

I breathe alone

under the lilac sky,

Where happiness knows no bounds.


Am I wasting time,

Feeling sublime?


Maybe so,

But that’s only what the jealous

want to know.


It isn’t fair that I should be,

alone on this field,

under this tree.

The others are suffering.

I say to me.


I’ve tried to help

And failed badly.

So I spend all my time

light and carefree.


In a field of Dandelions

Under this tree.

I alone. Just me.


As I stare into

the lilac sky,

Where my wishes and hopes

May come to be,



In a field of Dandelions

I lay my body.



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