Day 28 & 29: Locked out of my room. yey.

Let me share a little tip with you. You know the times when you had access to your friend’s Facebook account and all you do is just post an embarrassing status about boobs and butts? Well well my friend, you’ve wasted a golden opportunity here.

The first thing you should salvage is their search bar on Facebook. Why? It tells you what their latest cravings and curiosities are. It shows you which girl/ guy they’ve been eyeing on, which cafe do they want to go and if they have some extreme ideology or plan to join some’s alllll in the search bar.

Of course as you might expect, I clear my searches regularly. You can do so by clicking on the search bar on Facebook and click the ‘clear edits’ or something like that on the top right. You’re most welcomed.

Why do I have the time to tell you all of this? Because I just locked myself out of my room. What do you do when the key to the room is in the room you’ve locked yourself out of??? You call your mother..that’s what. Because it was….in all honestly, her idea. *blame game stronk*…no but also because you’re the youngest so you have no power to get shit done.

And so my mom summoned my married eldest sister from her paradise to work her magic. Reluctant to call the locksmith, she tries every single tactic to open the door.. She magically opens the door with a really hard thin board and it works we’re all SAVED! and I can finally get access to the aircond I’ve so non-painstakingly prepared for myself before I took a shit and shit happened. How did it all happen though? Apparently, if you closed the door too hard it will lock up by itself (some stuff will slip and voila, you won’t have access to your phone, books, keys and stuff for an hour). So yeah…that’s probably it.

So I’m pretty sure these few days you’ve heard about the news I’ve written here, but hey, in case you didn’t, you’re welcomed:

  1. gorilla killed because 3 year-old boy’s parents obviously weren’t parenting. (CNN)
  2. Studio Ghibli’s best (in my opinion) animator, Makiko Futaki has passed away T.T
    Some of her works includeΒ My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away.Β All my favorite animations! (The Independent)

    Hakuuuu~~~~~ ❀

    Howllll ~~~~~~ hahahha

    So..yeah she’s gone TT

  3. North Korean leader says Trump is good for murica . (BBC)
  4. Johor crown prince says Najib can remove Johor from Malaysia. nawww really? is Johor going to be the next Singapore??? (Malaysiakini)
  5. Computer systems at Malaysian airport crashed, allowing more criminals to join the already criminal filled country. 15 immigration officers fired instead of being sent to jail…because obviously negligence is nothing to be accountable for. (BBC)

AOTD: Throwback to my trip to Hokkaido…because it’s the closest to Hayao Miyazaki I’ll ever get..physically at least.

Honestly…I want to go there again.



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