day 27: health is wealth and im poor af

I finally have my Swot vac to reflect upon my bad decisions lately.. like sleeping past 12am for a week, spending an undisclosed amount of time on Facebook, consciously knowing that I’ve skipped 1 hour of workout and whatever amount of liquid I’ve been consuming, I don’t think my body’s happy with it.

So I’ve decided to keep a food journal to track my food intake and goodness knows how that’s gonna turn out..but we’ll find out tomorrow. With my face that would make the crater-covered moon jealous, and my will to eat healthy, that just means I can’t eat anything oily, artificially sweetened and cold (bad for the hormonorosmornomres)..which sounds just like porridge, eggs and tea, but I’ll try my best to widen the scope of my diet. haha. (can you sense the depression here)

But on the upside, I’ll try my best to take good pictures of them to prove my point that there’s beauty in everything, but we’ll take some time to find it in those ..err…dishes.

And ofcourse, I have to sleep maybe I could do an excel thingy and track if I was happy with my food intake, the time that I slept, number of hours of workouts, volume of water, and my weight or waist measurements..?? Yeh..that would look like an interesting graph.

and today, I did do my workout, till my parents came back for dinner..but it was a good half an hour. (why am I explaining mself)

So I’ve been working out for about 30 minutes then my parents came back..and I continued for another 10 after dinner and this pop-ed out…totally forgot I set a death threat for myself at 9.30pm.

I thought this might motivate me..but the alarm is annoyin yoo..

So I’m off to bed…shall exercise tomrroo..cross my heart and hope to exercise..


throwback art.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


✌ out yoo!



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