Day 26: Finally Studying

Yesterday, my table witnessed a rare sight: Me studying.

With stacks of notes and a stationary, I toiled through the nuts and bolts of everything I should have gone through this semester. Unfazed by the workload, I managed to condense all my knowledge into 2 sheets of papers…because no one has time to read 15 pages 10 minutes before exam.. (Tip from an Asian, your welcomed)..and completed a pass year paper. And just before I fell asleep, I went: Oh shit, I forgot to go on my blo…zzzzZZZ

So here we are today, with the news from yesterday:

  1. Donald Trump says Barack Obama should have been an insensitive fool by bringing up Pearl Harbor attacks in Japan. Honestly, if we were talking about stereotypical b*tch in a fight, Donald Trump would be a fine example. First, he brings up some shit from the past..which you both agreed to forget and move on. Secondly, he cares about his hair wayyy too much. Thirdly, it’s none of his godermed business, until he gives us his tax returns. (the fake news that Anonymous hacked IRS to obtain his tax returns shouldn’t be fake…It’s a hint, Anonymous…Murica iz geeveen euu zaa heeent)

    Trump slammed Obama again the next day on Twitter, saying the President should have mentioned the 1941 surprise attack by the Japanese army on Pearl HarborGee…I don’t really know Donald, has Japan ever discussed on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs? Add about 3 more zeros behind murica’s death toll and we might just about get on Japan’s raw nerves. Did we mention post-war cancer patients?

  2. 71-year old woman finally says “I do” after rejecting 10 men. Wow. (The Star)
  3. Karpal Singh still guilty for sedition after death. This is the definition of butt hurt people. (Malaysiakini)
  4. Johor crown prince is also a gentleman. Asks police to stop charging critics..because its the internet..and also the 21st century people..grow up. This is how you should face keyboard warriors: Mano al mano (Malaysiakini)
  5. 68 Syrians arrive in Malaysia. Boooy you guys should try the food here before you go back or you’ll be missin a piece of heaven.

If Donald Trump became president, America wouldn’t even need the muslim ban, cause everyone be rushin out of thr.

Okay guys, it’ll be 2 weeks till my finals and aren’t we excited! *crowd jeers* So things will feel a bit bleak around here. I shall do throwback art posts because ain’t nobody got time for that (when finals is around the corner).



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