Day 25: Boring day, lovin’ it.

When was the last time I could sit on the sofa and do nothing for a full half an hour? When was the last time I could eat a full meal without standing up to get something while someone stands at the door causing the dogs to bark their heads off? Oh..this afternoon. Yehhh.

So today’s news is also a combination of yesterday’s news cause it was interesting as well. Wanted to write it down, but felt like it wasn’t the post to do it. So here we go, my take after reading the news from these sources:

  1. Man plays tug-of-war with python with penis. Ok, it wasn’t a game, but it sure was was really shitty. (BBC)
  2. Johnny Depp gets restraining order from wife. What’s up Johnny?? Why u no chill?? (CNN)
  3. Wall Street Journal keepin super chill while Bank Negara’s new governor going savage to file police report against WSJ.  (Malaysiakini)
  4. False alarm people! Bill pass was not on hudud law. Or at least that’s what he said. On the other hand, Malay Mail online is still talking about it so…what on earth is going on Malaysia….Malaysia boleh.. Malaysia bokeh. (The Star)
  5. Philippines wana claim Sabah..yeh sure, we really didn’t have enough problems in the first place. (Astro Awani)

Today was a quiet day, as I studied for my finals and vowed to keep off Facebook. Occasionally my hands were shaking and other withdrawal symptoms kicked in..nah just kiddin. But i felt uncomfortable not running around and freaking out.

Can I also admit that I have not been working out lately? I really want to be sporty and athletic tho. This potato needs to marinade in sweat to make some vodka. So it’s probably going to be some hardcore workout! My sports bra’s worn off as well :/ and das not gud.. *searches for coins all over the house to afford one*

and the art of the day!

The question is not whether it is beautiful, but whether you can see the beauty in it. 

2016-05-28 11.00.21 1.jpg
I told my sister that I noticed how often I took pictures of flowers. “I must really love flowers!” I said, and she just told me bluntly:”If you could eat it, there wouldn’t be any pictures.”….

That’s all for today! Cheers!



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