A heartfelt summary of all the great people I’ve met this semester.

Sometimes I’m really scared for my future. I’ve met so many inspiring and great people, all of which I’m so SOSOSOSO reluctant to let go. What if I’ve used up my good people quota? Then everyone I meet from now on would just be mean, ugly, jealous people…by ugly I mean on the inside*. And their bitterness will seep into my life of sunshine and daffodils. The horror….

This semester, I’ve met an amazing friend, who god knows why I click so well with, and we have to go our separate ways. And you know those letters you get from a friend which makes you tear up but you don’t cry cause you’re so touched and smiley? Yeah she gave me one of those. Thanks bbz! My heart is so warm with feeels right nw. I want to say I love you but that’s so cheesy and you don’t like cheese. So … LUBZ U BBZ 5EVA   :3

I’ve got the pleasure of being involved in the greatest board of committees so far, where everyone is as committed as they are funny (and they are VERY funny). In the beginning I was so resentful of the amount of whatsapp groups generated from Monash Cup alone. And for the first time in my life, replying conversations on Whatsapp was something tedious for a people person like moi. (Something like 10 conversations with 50 messages each…I kenot). Thank goodness I’ll be working with you cool beans again next semester…at least that’s one group of friends to look forward to!

Can I talk about my lecturers? I’ve always wanted a semester where all my lecturers and tutors were passionate, kind, nice, great, (knows their stuff real well), and would inspire me to have a greater thirst for knowledge. I got my wish this semester, and I’m not sure if it was good for me, cause I’m having a dilemma over my majors right now. Life is tough when everything is interesting.. if all my semesters were like this, I would consider doing a masters or a Phd just to lengthen my stay…but $ tho. *gets punched in the face for being annoying*

And this semester was also the semester that I suddenly bonded with friends who existed in my life for the longest time but our lives never really crossed in any way. (My super artsy friend, tis u)..and my professional chef friend who works at The Ante.. If you didn’t know, she makes sure that your meat is cooked, your spaghetti is delicious and your #fotd pics are on point. And I certainly can endorse her dedication and passion to your plate. You guys are my inspiration to appreciate everything I have. The attitude you have towards life is amazing. The dedication you have to your passion is fantastic. The effort you put in to be happy in life is beautiful. Just know that if you need a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to help, I am here! (But you guys are so resilient I think an opposite outcome is most likely x.x)

To my friend who once sat beside me in secondary school for 3 years (i think). Your future is so bright that you can’t even see the road ahead. But I can assure you that whatever that’s meant to be will be. You always think you aren’t good at this, or that. You don’t have the highest IQ and shits. But you are truly the wisest friend that I have. That is just something so precious in life. You are so cautious and passive. You manage people so well without even realizing it. ( at this point you’re probably going like..noooo…but yesssss you dooo). Do what is best for you! So that everyone’s effort to support you doesn’t go to waste! If you don’t do what’s best for you, how can you contribute the best to those you love?

To the friends who’ve come back from faraway places and allocated a part of their limited time to me. I’m sorry if it wasn’t the most ‘quality’ time we’ve had in centuries, but I hope in the near future we could go Broga Hills or sumthn..yep u know i’m talking boutcha’. All the best in your studies, relationship and kick-ass hobby/ passion/ job!

To my friends whom I bond so well over Facebook memes and fandoms, you’re not going anywhere so don’t act like your disappointed. But thanks for all the times you knocked sense and humor into me! :B

And to those who drifted far far away from me (or will soon be)….know that I’m stalking u on Facebook..hahahhahaha. *creepy face*

Who knows what next semester has in store for me and all these great people whom I’ve met and bonded with? Only time will tell. And I just think that..

Sometimes life is just so strange, it puts fiction to shame. In all the mundane and bleak, there are little curiosities scattered all over like diamonds and glass.

You will never be sure of its value, but it will shimmer and entice. 

It might make you rich or cut your hand.

But in that twilight moment of excitement and intense focus, a million colors have dazzled your curious eyes. Somehow, the streets, once plain, have changed with your memories.


*Exterior beauty is totally subjective and malleable. (I once had a teacher with only about 10 teeth left, unsightly number of white streaks in her hair and god know how old she was but her face was so sallow and wrinkly. But everybody loved her! I still remember her with great fondness, she’s one of the best teachers, loved by one and all, that I’ve met)..okay..back to the point above.. 

and i had lunch so ..

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Nandos. 😀



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