Day 24: Early Celebration!🍰


  1. The horror which is Trump is slowly coming true. (BBC)
  2. Another horror as Johnny Depp and wife are to divorce because of irreconcilable differences. Oh dayum…that just leaves Beyonce and JayZ then. (BBC)
  3. Two days ago, swarm of bees chased a car for two days to rescue their queen bee. Poor old lady probably thought she offended Jesus for real this time. (CNN)
  4. Hudud Bill successfully tabled. PAS admits cooperation with UMNO regarding the Bill. Reason #1956 to migrate. (Malaysiakini)
  5. Waiting time for KTM train at off-peak hour to double. They say it will be halved in 2019…but knowing KTM…that will obviously be delayed as well. Reason %1957 to migrate. (The coverage)

Today we had an early celebration for my friend! She wasn’t suspicious at all when her cousin, friend, and friend who was suppose to have a class going on, gathered at the cafeteria to talk to each other for some reason. Then I brought the cake and BOOM. *cue the Happy Birthday song*.

I bought the chocolate ganache purely to see her joy in eating it…and waited for her to offer me a piece..ahahahaaaa.

But before that, may I announce that 3/4 of my lectures are over for the semesterr! WOOT! and *click*, we had a class photo, courtesy of my lecturer.

boom! I need to know what camera can capture the enthusiasm of lecturers and students at the same time. Or maybe it’s just the last lecture..hohoho

What came in between this miracle and my friend’s surprise? Bad business economic statistics pick-up lines between my friends and I.

  1. Can I regress you? I need to see if we have a correlation.
  2. Are you my base group? because none of my (e)x’s compare to you.
  3. and it just gets worst from there…

What did I do after that? Edit my journalism assignment.


which I finally rendered and submitted after a month. wew.

Also I’d like to call attention to my face with and without the presence of food.


2016-05-27 12.34.51 3.jpg

so this is my AOTD for you, because cake right. Cheers!



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