day 23: the end is near..

Today’s interesting news:

  1. Guess which of the judge’s contestant won The Voice?? CHRISTINAAA AGUILEEERAAA. I mean…MAN it’s about time… I told my dad that it’s always been A..B…A..B..AAA.BBB…they should have a C by now, hopefully they’ll have a P next year πŸ˜€ (
  2. Old Taliban leader died in a U.S. drone strike, so they elected a new one. Come on, you didn’t expect them to mope around and do nothing right? (BBC)
  3. Obama and Anthony Bourdain ate a $6 meal in Vietnam yesterday. Because he can’t be eating Obahiself. πŸ˜‰ Β (Every news source kinda featured this)
  4. Β French artist make the Louvre vanish. What art~!(?) (CNN)
  5. Najib’s 2.6billion donation is none of your business. But we want to know the kind soul mahh..then hang around him, check his rubbish bin for crumpled notes or what. (Malaysiakini)
  6. Man arrested for insulting Johor royalty. Honestly, when you’re on the internet, how could you NOT get insulted, especially when you’re famous?

Everyone around me is rushing to finish up on their studies and I’m just like chilling and teaching people when they ask me questions. Sometimes, I think the best way to study is to surround yourself with hardworking people with loads of questions.

Something about hardworking friends are so admirable. Like, you woke up at 5am just to study? maan, I can’t even wake up at 5am to watch korean dramas, and there are some which I really really love. Just some…I don’t have an addiction…..I swear.. >_>…..<_<……. v.v

I spent the whole afternoon editing my videos only to find that I missed out one interview, which I left at home. *facepalm* ..but no matter..I’ll get it sorted out eventually, always do anyway hah.

So what would be my art of the day todayyy? It’s back to poetry guys. Gotta keep that romantic and poetic spark alive πŸ˜‰

2016-05-25 10.26.07 1.jpg

something about the smell of pine leaves which makes me feel like lying on a prairie or beaucage and staring at a sky full of stars. Then I wonder why these scenes are always depicted with a couple or someone missing someone else. Can’t you enjoy things alone? Really, some of the best moments in my life are walking long hours alone (while still being safe). It could be just along a road, or in a garden. Either way walking in light rain is the best, with breezes and the smell of wood or freshly cut grass. That is just such a fine feeling.

That’s all for today! Time to study πŸ™‚



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