day 22: Red light! 🚥

So if you’ve noticed,I neglected the news section of the day yesterday, so I’m going to try and make it up to y’all important readers today by writing 10 instead, cause it’s good for everyone to know a lil bout the world. 😉

So these few days, news sources are all about EgyptAir and Brazil’s government. What do they have in common? Loads of internal problems which caused its fall.

  1. smoke alarm went off 3 minutes before EgyptAir plane vanished. Does that mean the plunge was due to fires? Did someone let out a smoke bomb or somthing? (BBC)
  2. Brazil minister caught on tape saying stuff, indicating that he obstructed biggest corruption investigation. Of course he’s denying it. (BBC)
  3.  Two planes crashed in Hawaii, two injured, five dead. Is it me or did the rate of plane crashes increase since 9/11? (CNN)
  4. Mayu Tomita, Japanese pop star stabbed 20 times by fans. Honestly, if you’re really a fan, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU STAB YOUR IDOL 20 TIMES????? (CNN)
  5. Swiss bank, BSI Bank ordered to shutdown in Singapore. Cause no one can trust you if you allow 2.6billion to vanish eh.. (Malaysiakini)
  6. Man who burned his wife alive, three years ago, to be hanged finally. (New Straits Times)
  7. Things are looking good between U.S. and Vietnam until the people who are suppose to see Obama cannot. (Malay Mail Online)
  8. Fans torture themselves with the undying rumor of romance between DOTS actor Song Joong Ki and actress Song Hye Kyo. (Australian network news)
  9. Scientist in Brazil found hard evidence that mosquitos are the vectors for Zika virus. (The Sun Daily). time to buy mosquito nets and wrap it around yourself.
  10. Malaysian jib gor losing bite against accusations of corruption. (Forbes)

and there! My head’s a bit woozy from reading all that news. But I’ll still update the art of the day! Which happens to be a picture of my friend’s gift (from her friend). And my photography skills are not improving, but my vsco skills are ;D

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Happy early birthday to mah frieeeend :>

Then I really have to put in the effort to sleep early. My hearts palpitating and it kinda hurts now after 12am. So that’s the red light and that’s why I’m working on publishing my post before 10pm. :/

Wokay! das all from meee. ✌out!





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