Day 20: Wedding part 1.

Let’s get the news over with quick:

  1. Images of EgyptAir released. (BBC)
  2. $6 million for veterans? I think not. First they said Donald Trump contributed 1 million to the 5 million raised by the Trump campaign. Then now they say maybe not, but they will tell you the figure in the future. when?
  3. Najib admitted to ex-bank negara governor that he indeed recieved 2.6billion into his personal account. (Malaysiakini)
  4. Malaysia lost to Denmark in the semi-finals in Thomas Cup. ggnore.
  5. My sister is getting married (taufufalah :D)

Yes people. My sister is to wed tomorrow! Tonight…or yesterday night in this case (12.30am here). We had the chinese hair combing ceremony. An event where we gather relatives and friends to hear my mother speak four sentences.

  1. First combing, we comb to the end. οΌˆδΈ€ζ’³οΌŒζ’³εˆ°ηœ‰οΌ‰
  2. Second combing, a hundred years of good peace. οΌˆδΊŒζ’³οΌŒη™ΎεΉ΄ε₯½εˆοΌ‰
  3. Third combing, grandchildren and children will fill the halls. (δΈ‰ζ’³οΌŒε­ε­™ζ»‘ε ‚οΌ‰
  4. Fourth combing, white hair falls evenly on the brow. (ε››ζ’³οΌŒη™½ε‘ι½ηœ‰οΌ‰

Then before that, we had roast pork, char siew, chicken, rice and all that merry stuff called champagne πŸ˜€

And riggght before that, we were running around like mad ladies looking for pomelo leaf so that my sister can bath with it to repel bad joojoos. Yay tradition?

and while we were doing that, I did my nails in the bumpy car with 100% chill.

This is my diabolical smile when my triphobia-inducing nails freak my sister out. :>

Alls well ends well. Tomorrow will be the big big bIIG DAY! πŸ˜€ can’t wait to snap all the pics and stuff. haha

My art of the day was two bouquets of expensive flowers. It’s so sad that I’ll have to wait till next year for an excuse to buy so many roses and carnations just to arrange them haha.



Yeh, it’s 1.30am so I’ve made a promise to myself to sleep on time after tomorrow. Wot. Let’s face it, there’s no way you can sleep early when there’s a wedding dinner. It’ll be full of surprises. πŸ˜‰



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