Day 19: Studio interviews for my assignment.

With the EgyptAir crash, every news station these few days would have pictures of airplanes and question marks. But aside from that, the world has other interesting things to offer as well. So I won’t concentrate on the airplane thing, cause it’s all over Facebook anyway.

  1. Narrow-minded people can’t see the beauty in photo of a dad cradling his child. OK. They’re nude, but like everything that can be applied to a sexual context, it’s usually the viewer’s interpretation that dirty-fies stuff. As the caption of the lady clearly says, her intention was to capture the love and care of the pair.
  2. Taiwan has the first female president. Will U.S follow? (CNN)
  3. Malaysian Deputy Home Minister denies travel bans on those who criticize government. (Malaysiakini)
  4. Obama will meet with India’s Prime Minister on the 7th of June (The Star)
  5. Tesla brings forward release of new model by 2 years. can they just bring some to Malaysiaaaa. (Reuters)

Such a hectic day. Managed to play around at the university’s recording studio. SO FUN BUT SO COLD AND SILENT. I wasn’t one bit nervous, because my job was just to shove cameras into people’s faces while they shiver with fear muahah. jokes. But even then, the person in charge helped out a lot. And I left my thumb drive at home after editing my videos. So even the thumb drive isn’t mine *face palm*. But the president and vice-president and ex-pre…basically the whole committee were really nice about this. They stayed and finished their interviews even though I clearly placed them in an awkward situation. hahaha.

Then I lugged the camera equipment everywhere like a fool again. This time there weren’t enough camera bags so I had to stuff it in my school bag like a naughty diablo.

I can’t wait for tomorrow! seriously. And my art of the day was suppose to be me painting my nails, but I sucked so bad.. I had to remove the polish 3 times..any more failures and I would’ve had to remove my hands.

So instead, I’ll show you what I’ve been working on 4 hours ago. Just bought plain red paper and BOOM.. AOTD.


the gold circles are made from this chop..bought from stickerrific on day 15 i think.

And so its 12am, i shall not delay my beauty sleep. Getting so fuzzy and blur. bad joojoo for the brein. haha.





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