Day 18:itscomingitscomingitscoming.

GUYSS, I’m so excited for the weekend, something great is going to happen!! Will blog all about it soon.

and I shall calm down to deliver some news to you:

  1. EgyptAir crashes into the sea with 66 passengers. If you don’t know this news, then what do you do with your wifi…I won’t judge now. (BBC)
  2. New Zealand wants MacDonalds to drop fish from their menu. It’s threatening world’s rarest dolphin. (BBC)
  3. Stupid owner can’t control dog so 11 kids end up traumatized after being bitten and sent to hospital. (CNN)
  4. Malaysia beat Taiwan in Thomas Cup semi-finals. In this news you will see familiar names like Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Keat, Tan Boon Heong..and the rest I clearly do not need to know. (Malaysiakini)
  5. Theranos says two years worth of blood test results are void. Thousands of patients could have gotten incorrect results. In case you don’t know what Theranos is, it was the company where this lady wanted to know all about your body with only a prick of a finger and a drop of blood. Sad it turned out this way. (Yahoo news)

Alright! Now for some other not so serious stuff.

Today was a nice pleasant day. I didn’t have any special problems or fire-fighting situations. I didn’t get any scolding from anyone, so that means no one spotted my mistakes today! (wow doge face).

For journalism class, we edited videos for our TV News assignment. I finally managed to do a continuity sorta editing and I was so ahead of class, you could see a halo around my face. While there were no doughnuts or free food (sad? I think not, I look forward to the weekend), the day was oddly satisfying; Considering that I didn’t really run around and go crazy.

I’ll have to interview 5 persons tomorrow for my assignment, so I’ll get to play in the studio and stuff. 😀 Terrible excited!

Since I want to go and sleep at 10pm, (since I slept at 1am for 2 days consecutively), here’s some art from the past!

Grey Beauty.

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