Day 17: Exams are nearrr.

Sorry to make you panic with the title, but I’m pretty nervous too.

Okay, news:

  1. Taipei zoo’s panda still alive. Stop spreading rood rumors bout the death of pandas okay. (BBC)
  2. “I would speak to him. I would have no problem speaking to him”. Donald Trump fine with talking to North Korea’s leader. Is it just me, or does he sound like he repeats everything with greater emphasis on the second sentence? (CNN)
  3. 72-year old man battles crocs with spanners and spark plugs. His friend drowned to death though. Sad. (CNN had a better headline than BBC in my opinion)
  4. Remember the 200 girls who got kidnapped by Boko Haram? The first one got freed today, after 2 years. Hope more will be found soon. (CNN)
  5. Najib says Dr. M is biting the hand that feeds him. (Malaysiakini)
  6. Husband divorce wife when she ignores him on bed to text friends. Wot is dis. (SAYS)

Holah! This is the second final week of the semester and everyone’s going crazy over assignments and exams. We had nearly the whole faculty of Business Analytics come over to tell us why it’s so interesting and the subject of the 21st century.

Then before that, my journalism lecturer gave out free doughnuts!

raspberry filling i think.

I really admire the intensity of passion exhibited by all my lecturers this semester. Business law was great. The lecturer kept coming up to us every 4 lectures to ask if it was interesting. The lecturer for business economics stats kept applying real life examples and made it a point to record all his lectures in case we missed any. Journalism lecturer shared so much on what journalist do and really hooked me up to my dreams to be a journalist. Communication lecturer just messed with my brain with all those controversial concepts, he had a lot of fun doing it.


Then when I came back home (shout out to the friend who gave me a lift back), the new helper had already done her magic to my room. By gosh and goly she found a way to hang all my plushies on the table lamp.


And something awesome is going to happen this weekend too! Life is good, something’s about to may not be good anymore, but at least right now life is fine.

I couldn’t art today, cause I was occupied from the time I woke up till now. But I went through my archives and thank goodness I had something presentable. An old art with chinese calligraphy brush and ink!



That’s all for today! It’s 1am again. Haih. Cheers!



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