Day 16: Coffee speaks.

So many awesome things happen on tumblr. The fandom is on point, the LGBTQ’s are on fire, and then there’s this:

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This makes me love the world (of Tumblr).

So without further adoo, news it is:

  1. BBC to close down food website. 11,000 recipes will be lost. Ahh mann, would you reconsider the politics segment instead? We hear the same recipe everyday anyway. (The Independent)
  2. Nothing Compares To You singer,Β Sinead O’Connor, found after missing for 24 hours. (BBC)
  3. J.K. Rowling says Donald Trump can come to UK and be “offensive and bigoted”. Also states that he’s worst than Voldemort. Yehhhh.
  4. Malaysian showed to spend more time in traffic compared to last year in survey. (Malaysiakini)
  5. Raped and taped. Two women forced to strip naked by employer, accused of stealing RM18,000. Blindfolded and felt something being shoved into her private parts. (The Star) . People…if your employers say they run a gambling website, run far away. VERY VERY FAR AWAY.

As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, we had a talk by Nestle. The speaker wasn’t pleased to have the front rows empty. So she said she’d give the first 5 to come to the front some goodie bags. And I just looked at my friend and said:”Time to upgrade to gold class”. Hence:

These people really know a student’s needs.

Owh, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s talk muahahahaha.

What should I art today??

how bout a sketch of fairies round a mini waterfall with a deer drinking water? BOOM. My wish has been fulfilled.

And that’s all from me at 1am folks. Cheers!



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