Day 15: Once upon a plum.

Okay, today, news news newsss:

  1. Global record-breaking temperatures last month. Yikes, global warming..more like global heating. (BBC)
  2. Trump wants to do IQ test to prove he’s not stupid. The test for ignorance and rudeness has yet to be formed. (CNN)
  3. Musician dies on stage at 87. Is this an artist’s dream? (CNN)
  4. Malaysian Pm says Malaysia’s actually doing well..welll.. (Malaysiakini)
  5. Naked boy chained to stairs for misbehaving. He’s just 8 years old..that’s pretty traumatizing.  (the Sun Daily)

Are you ready for a plethora of pictures??

It’s going to get busier and busier from now guys.

We have a wedding coming up, we have exams, we have retarded puppy pictures to share. The good thing is that we’re still planning to commit to this 100 day project. As for today, we IKEA-ed.

we were going to do our best IKEA ever rightt..
so we followed the manual so very carefully.
we pointed
and pointed..
but nothing happened. so we realized rules were meant to be broken.

and BOOM.


and after that I had to walk to the train station. Instead of saying:”Goodbye milove, have a nice day”, my mother’s words were:” Bring a long umbrella to protect yourself. If you don’t I’ll scream hell when I come back”. I believe her whole-heartedly. Therefore, this led to my ridiculous look. But I got a good picture.

How I Met Your Mother vibes here.

I also believe, the purpose of this umbrella is to make the robber roll on the floor laughing. Hence, giving me enough time to run away.

Then after two classes, the latter being a discussion on how we should tackle our paper in the Finals Battle, my friend and I went to a talk about careers and stuff.

This talk is part of the Monash Professional Transition Program, where they fill one week with talks about career-related stuff.

It was interesting as the speaker spoke about his experience before joining Astro. He also spoke about strategies to deal with every situation. In this case, it was our career and future. Since I did mention Astro, we had Astro merch as well…

not the laptop, the book.
It’s filled with motivational quotes and stories…for the lost and unsure.

We have a talk by Nestle, tomorrow (I wonderrr if).

and my art of the day, is a random plum I ate. ❤


On that note, Cheers! Bye! I needa sleep!

✌ out!




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