day 14: Washi!

And the interesting news of the day issss *drumroll*:

(Hint: there’s going to be a lot of guys involved in this)

  1. Tom Hiddleston to be next James Bond?? TAKE MY MONEY…oh’ve suspended the bet because he’s too popular? sad (BBC)
  2. 18-year old wins F1 race. The youngest to win..dat smile tho….

    Max Verstappen ..picture from his twitter dp.
  3. BERSIH chief barred from leaving Malaysia to accept award from Korea. Well.. there’s Skype and FedEx. (Malaysiakini)
  4. child’s hand got stuck in escalator..saved by doctor. (The Star)
  5. Beyonce’s sport clothes are great. But do you know how much their workers get paid? smh. (Telegraph)

Nothing much happened today really. Woke up and started packing my sister’s closet and clothes cabinets because she’s away (yeah jie..your welcomed…and can I borrow that white lacy top? 😀 ) for about two hours (because social media). Then I started to decorate the living room for my sister’s wedding tea ceremony. The other sister. Basically I bought everything I needed and my parents shook their head. So I went out to buy more stuff with my mom to decorate the room according to whatever floats their boat.

why black and white you ask? well..bad lighting= bad picture..and I wanted to give you guys a surprise, so you’ll get the real deal on the real day.

and then I tried to workout and it was dinner time. so there. I’ll just have to count the number of hours I missed and make up for it. Sigh. But i feel the power of working out now that jumpsquats are a breeze (to my *ss). To be fair I did workout for 20 mins.

So what art can I give you? Well, I can reveal a bit of the loot I got from yesterday! Washi tapes, which cost me a bomb but makes me happy anyway so there.


Loads of things can happen tomorrow cause school. 🙂

Cheers! ✌ out!



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