day 13: what a(rt) day.

we start with news:

  1. Your boss may not be able to reach you after work. (If you’re in France that is) (BBC)
  2. Doctor removed woman’s eggs by force??? (BBC)
  3. Johor crown prince doesn’t want to solve your problems about the gomen. (Malaysiakini)
  4. FA Cup win = Johor public holiday. Makes you think of Chong Wei. (The Star)

today, i went out with my friend to buy art stuff. Can I just show you how awesomely artistic he is?? I’ve been asking him a million (okay not that much) times, when is he going to have his own blog? I swear, his paintings, terarriums, projects, photos, latte shots, food shots. I approve. (except his candid shots of me…my squid hair just wont do)

his pictures (which I have used with permission,,which you can access here as well KitKpop) has just made this post 100% better. What a great friend to go out with…until he made my wallet cry cause we went to stickerrific.

did I mention they have a super cute cat lying around the shop all day??????

I swear, this is just the begining. I forgot to take whatever that was behind (a whole array of notebooks, stickers, pearl watercolor, stamps, awesome leather covers, washi tapes, envelopes, letters, vintage stuffs, tables for you to create vintage stuff. He was smart, he took some pictures…so i guess it’ll be up on his page some day. IT IS AWESOME. I knew from the smell as I entered that I have died and gone to heaven.

and then I blew up some serious cash (that I still owe my dear friend mentioned above.)


I don’t even dare to show you the rest of my loot. But let’s just say I don’t have to eat lunch on monday…tuesday, wednesday,thursday…..for two weeks. ehheheheh.

My wallet wasn’t the only thing I burned here. Getting there was such a pain (to the skin by the sun)…then the rain made every species of cat and dog jealous. And then I pissed my mom off by coming back at 5pm when I was suppose to be back at 3pm. What to do, Mr. Artsy Pants took the wrong train and took another hour (plus minus) to reach mid valley. To be fair, he is an extremely punctual guy…today’s just not his day. I had spaghetti at the Little Fat Duck for RM6. Yes mann YUS. You can find food outside Makan Corner for RM6 which taste super awesome. So where was I going with this? Oh yeah, so I was late, and on top of that I had to stop by at Kuala Lumpur to get some gazillion red papers for my sister’s wedding decorations. So it means I was super exhausted and super late. HAHAha hah haa  a aaaihhhh. But anyway I’m still alive, even though my mom came into my room to have a talk and BOOM an hour magically escaped my hands. wew.

But all’s good. At least I got so much loot that made me happy again.. (it includes 2 totoro badges *SQUEEL*)

Cheers at 1.17am! ✌out!


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