Day 11: Scavenger Hunt.

News of ze day:

  1. Emma Watson in Panama Papers. She said it was for privacy. Well…it’s still gona leave a mark to her name. (CNN)
  2. 25% pregnancies end up in abortion. It means between 2 of your friends and you, there was an unborn friend. :/ (BBC)
  3. Take a selfie, destroy historic artifact, go to jail (maybe). Selfie-holics are everywhere. (CNN)
  4. Why change MAS uniforms? (in tone of disagreement) It’s timeless and classic, says local couturier. (The Star)
  5. Local cartoonist, Zunar receives 250,000 supportive messages worldwide. #W4R (Malaysiakini)

So what happened today? We had a Photo Angle Scavenger Hunt for Journalism today and it was great. I’m not gona post photos of people cause it’s rood. But basically we had to take a medium close-up of a lecturer, a close up of the most beautiful person on campus, an extreme close up of a flower/insect, a long shot of the cafeteria. etcetc.

Since most of my shots are potrait shots, I shall, instead, give you a picture of the lavender fields I took back when I was in Hokkaido, Japan.

see that cute lil gold bee there? YAS honey, yas.

So that’s all from me today! It’s 4.57pm here and I’m lovin this punctual shit. ✌out!


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