DAY 10: Celebration! 🍦

HOLA! Let me tell you some good news. I got 100% for my quiz last week! I’m so proud. Like…i got 100% in something in university. Yay *applause dies*

Okay now onto the news.

  1. Basically if you’ve not heard about England’s Queen calling China’s officials rude, you clearly do not have internet. But if you have not, now you know. Your welcomed. (CNN)
  2. Zunar shares cartoon illustrations in Switzerland to tell the world something funny. (about Malaysia). (Facebook)
  3. Lady sent home for not wearing heels to work. WHUT DHE UNICORNS. (BBC)
  4. Hello on the otter side. Singaporean road users warned of otters. (The Star)
  5. Muhammad Ibrahim gave good speech at Forum. (Malaysiakini)

Today, Unilever came to Monash to promote their brand and hire some potentially awesome interns I guess. To get everyone to like their facebook page and fill up forms, they pulled the oldest trick in the book of university student attracting methodology 101: FREE FOOD. Not just any food, free ice-cream. (Cheers to 10 days of trying to commit, and succeeding on some days at least).

The newest Cornetto flavor, Caramel..but I only tasted nuts and chocolate.

awesome. and did I mention the fact that I got 100% for my quiz? Yes? well no harm repeating such joyous news. 🙂

So for my art of the day, I give you paper cutting because my sister’s wedding is near, and I’m to prepare the backdrop of her tea ceremony event. Also, I’m to be the 大妗姐 (dai kum jie). This is so awkward, because I have no idea what to say when they pour the tea, so I’ll have to put Google to the test. (Hello Google my old friend….I’ve come to…)

You may ask me, Hey Juin, I thought you also had to exercise your butt off? Why no pictures? easy my friend, chillpill need to be taken. I’ll take a picture every 10 days and after 100 days I’ll show you how I transitioned each 10 days alright? (That’s if I transitioned)


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