Day 9: Nutty Chocolate.β˜•

Lords of all form and forces, today’s news takes on a more serious tone..except when it involves Donald Trump, because seriously…everyone’s trying so hard to dismiss him as a joke.

  1. London mayor may be the only Muslim allowed into US. That’s if Donald Trump becomes president of course. The question is,Β can Donald Trump enter UK? (BBC)
  2. The Panama Paper database has been released online to the public. You can now scrutinize the morality of big companies and rich individuals to console your bank accounts here. (CNN)
  3. Robbed, raped, alive(?) at Jalan Gasing. Malaysians (especialy women), please make the transition from your house/ office to your car as quick as possible. I think body guards for rent would make good money in this country..oh wait, we’re suppose to have polices right? (Malaysiakini)
  4. Temporary escape from jail with high-blood pressure. What will happen to Anwar Ibrahim after his trip to hospital? (the Star)
  5. BALTIC RING SEAL DYING OUT as sea ice breaks apart. The pictures show a lone seal with huge watery eyes lying on a tiny piece of ice. This breaks my heart. I love seals.. TT We have to stop global warming. (National Geographic News)
  6. Also, according to Uberfacts, scientist have proven that the chicken came before the egg.

Today is timeout day for me! Wee~ finally, no big events, 6 hours of sleep (not much but its something), hours of Beyonce’s Lemonade (don’t try and lecture me on addiction here) , and NO 15 minute time limit to get things done before hopping to the next place/ meeting/ lecture/ tutorial/ handing in assignments. (mind you i did all of that yesterday). Even then, I still have to go to uni to return my video equipment. “It’s only funny when everyone’s still alive.” I think to myself while sipping my nutty chocolate at the tiny cafe in uni.

What art shall i spawn today? I’ve wanted to create my own font, because I’m conceited like that. Also, I could add a lil’ pizazz~ to to my it’s an adjective not food. But since it’ll take some time, here’s a poetry in my own handwriting anyway. Cheers!

The Lady in Burgundy.



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